Amy Colquist Analysis #1 Still I Rise

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Still I Rise Maya Angelou

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Amy Colquist Analysis #1 Still I Rise
1 Theme
1.1 Strength and endurance
1.2 Overcoming opression
1.3 Hope
1.4 Determination
1.5 Don's allow others to silence you/ make yourself heard
2 Autobiographical Elements
2.1 Rising from "a history rooted in pain"
2.2 About African American oppression, which Angelou was very involved in during her life
3 Character Development
3.1 Character is a black person being opressed by whites
3.2 Shows clear anger and defiance
3.3 Oppressed both literally and metaphorically
3.4 Appears to be having an argument/ conflict
3.5 Assertive
3.6 Confident
3.7 Determined
3.8 Strong
4 Writing Style
4.1 Narrator
4.1.1 Narrator is addressing white oppressors of black slaves Narrator shows a negative view towards them
4.1.2 1st person
4.1.3 Written from the perspective of an African American woman
4.2 Figurative Language
4.2.1 Questions
4.2.2 Similes
4.2.3 Metaphors
4.3 Word Choice
4.3.1 "bitter, twisted lies"
4.3.2 broken
4.3.3 soulful cries
4.3.4 haughtness
4.3.5 "You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise."
5 Symbols
5.1 "black ocean"- ocean represents strength and power
5.2 diamonds- beautiful but also strong
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