Atticus Finch

Cassie Flint
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Cassie Flint
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Character profile of Atticus Finch and why he and his values are important

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Atticus Finch
1 His values
1.1 honesty
1.2 courage
1.3 respect for difference
1.4 integrity
1.5 equality
2 What is the man like?
2.1 his family
2.2 His work
2.3 His home
2.4 His talents
2.5 His friends
2.6 His past
3 Major incidents in the novel
3.1 Shooting the dog
3.2 Outside the jail
3.3 Mrs Dubose
3.4 The trial
4 What does Maycomb think of Atticus and his values ?
4.1 Heck Tate
4.2 The Ewells
4.3 Miss Maudie
4.4 Mrs Dubose
4.5 The Cunninghams
4.6 Aunt Alexandra
5 Harper Lee's life and any influence
6 How is the story told and what difference does this make?
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