MLK vs. Malcolm X Methods - SL History Essay

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Describing the methods used by activists in the Civil Rights Movement and identify the most and the least effective methods.

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MLK vs. Malcolm X Methods - SL History Essay
1.1 Most effective
1.1.1 Role of Whites in C.R.M. fights for the fact that everyone is involved (whites and blacks), and it is all of America's problem. This is effective because he has a non-violent approach and leadership, so other national leaders feel as though they can speak with him in a more civilized manner, contrasting to Malcolm X, who preached "Blacks Only" and wanted violent action
1.1.2 On Violence
1.2 Least effective
2 Malcolm X
2.1 Most effective
2.1.1 Social changing of view within a society and self view of a race gave the people a voice, to be outspoken and liberal
2.1.2 Integration improve the mindset of Black Nationalism - "we should control our own economy, our own politics, and our own society. Nothing is wrong with that." making the public realize how "after (Blacks) control their society, they'll work with any segment of the white community towards building a better civilization
2.2 Least effective
2.2.1 Violence His use of violence throughout his speeches as well as actions gave a negative connotation of what Malcolm X was trying to achieve
2.2.2 Integration White national leaders would not be able to help achieve Civil Rights goals when they would be told that Blacks want nothing to do with them, and Malcolm X stating that he wants Black nationalism
3 Conclusion: Both were successful but their methods and thoughts were different. Dr King was only searching for civil rights, Malcolm X was fighting for human rights. I think historically Martin Luther King probably had a greater impact but socially Malcolm X has a greater impact. Martin Luther King led to the changing of laws, Malcolm X led to the changing of a view of a society and a self view of a race. If either were not around the world would not be the same today.
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