Desarrollo Organizacional

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Desarrollo Organizacional
1 Its a organizational learning because they are always thinking off how to improve the way they work and they are always listening the advices and try to improve even the ways they are doing good but of course they way they are wrong and can do better.
1.1 They use knowledge adquisition by searching and noticing because they are always looking forwards with big enterprises, monitoring the competitivness in the market and the necesities of the clients.
1.1.1 They use the information distribution by doing meeting every month to see how they do it on sales, trips, expenses, etc.
2 They are also a learning organization by making plans for the future like the "Vision 2020" that they setted in 2010 but making plans for every year for the anual meeting to see the results.
3 The learnin type Trucka use is from the group level by the procsess integrating, because they share the understandigs by the meeting they make every week, from all the sector of the company, they always work together.
4 By the topic "using great teams, Trucka have many sectors in the company, so every sector has a leader with many persons in charge, they first form theirselves, then storming, followed by norming, then performing and finally adjouring, making effective teams to work.
4.1 The key elements of communication are ENERGY provided the information that is switched by the members, ENGAGEMENT belongs to the distribution of energy among the team members to work, EXPLORATION by the way the team members interact outside the company.
5 About the systemic thinking on the personal mastery is a process by the way you interact with the other people on the company.
5.1 The mental model comes by the way Trucka see the perspective of transportation not only in Aguascalientes, all over the world.
5.1.1 The shared visión in Trucka is like the phrase says, they share all the information and transmit energy to do a better place to work, beginning by the boss or leader in this case, by transmitin how the company should work. The team learning comes of course by working together on the sectors, every sector have meetings every day to see results, and share their oponion, then all the information goes to diferent sector because all sectors work by the hand. The knowledge sharing comes when each sector shares their results to the other sectors, then giving the information to the managers.
6 About the intelectual capital that is comformed by human capital, the social capital and te intelectual property, all this in Trucka is seen everywhere on the company.
7 About the strategy for Managing Knowledge Trucka is a personalization company, is about their strategy, by how they perform to win clients from the other companies, what makes them special, by the way they treat the clients and manage their employees.
8 About the knowledge managment culture in Trucka is about their values, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, the norms they have with the workers like the dress code, they share the misión/visión, the values they share individually and like a company (core values, aspirational values, accidental values and permission to play values.
9 Implementing KM and change management about the leadership and the interventions, but of course they are some resistance to change by 4 reasons, parochial sel interest, misunderstangin and lack of trust, different assessments and low tolerance. But the CEO is a leader so he créate energy by getting the right people in the right place, and not to be afraid of the change.
10 KM TECHNOLOGY develops tqm vs bpr that is the way the company Works, the process they do to get all the services to the clients, and develope KM SYSTEMS doument management systems, the decisión, the gropu support, the customer management, workflow, and executive information system.
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