Global Food Trends

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global food trends

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Global Food Trends
  1. once farming is established, food choices are largely dictated by income
    1. on a lower income= diet based on staples (rice, wheat, tuber, maize)
      1. Wealthier= more calories, fewer carb, more meat & diary, more fat
    2. Engels Law
      1. As people become richer, they spend a decreasing proportion of their income on food
      2. Developing Countries
        1. as countries develop economically, their food demands change= more diverse diet
          1. Stage 1
            1. increased consumption of energy
              1. extra calories come from food of vegetable origins; staples
                1. Stage 2
                  1. range of food eaten is extended
                    1. more meat, diary, fruits, veg & meat. Less carbs
                      1. no major change in overall energy input
                        1. influenced by culture, religion of the developing countries
                          1. Developing countries- 30-90% spent on food
          2. How are global food demands changing?
            1. developing countries SSA 70% energy intake from cereals
              1. Developed countries: 30% energy intake from cereals
                1. predicted that share of cereals in global calories intake will fall
            2. Impact of increasing food price
              1. become used to cheap available food since 1970s
                1. major price increases in late 2000 had global impact
                  1. calories maintained by reverting to 'stage 1'
                    1. Kenya- reduced meals to 1/2 per day, stopped having veg or meat
              2. Impact of shift in global dietary patterns
                1. rise in global obesity , type 2 diabetes
                  1. increase in CVD incidences
                    1. environmental impact of increased demands for meat and diary products
                2. Summary
                  1. increase income= increase calorie intake
                    1. income rise further, dietary patterns shift to a more 'westernised' pattern incorporating more fruit, meat, wheat and diary
                      1. as the global population rises, and there is an increase requirement for food, these changes in intake patterns will give rise to further challenges in meeting production levels
                        1. changing dietary patterns are having a significant impact or health, and the environment
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