Summary of key issues around 'Liberal Landslide'

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Summary of key issues around 'Liberal Landslide'
1 Between 1902 and 1905, the Conservative leadership managed to alienate important sections of voting public and drive them from Unionist Party
1.1 Helped revive and strengthen Liberals
2 Liberals had more to offer the voters than they had in 1900
3 Liberals campaign negative rather than positive
3.1 No focus on social reforms
3.2 Focused on failings of Conservative government
3.2.1 Enjoyed wide appeal across political and social spectrum
4 Would they maintain wide appeal without more positive campaign, especially with rise of Labour as new, radical party on the left
5 In hindsight - This seems ambivalent ( mixed feelings)
6 It was to usher in greatest period of Liberal Government in 20th Century
7 Last time Liberals win an election outright

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