The 'Liberal Landslide' 1906

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The general election, 1906

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The 'Liberal Landslide' 1906
1 Liberal Landslide!!
1.1 Result : Conservative 157 seats, Liberals 401 seats
1.2 Offered reform whilst reformation under the conservatives had been minimal
2 Why were the Conservatives unpopular by 1906?
2.1 Working Class
2.1.1 Conditions poor
2.1.2 No contracts, low pay, felt downtrodden
2.1.3 Conservatives failed to listen to them
2.2 Housewife
2.2.1 No idea of social reform
2.2.2 Not listened to
2.2.3 Needed cheaper food, Liberals offered Free Trade
2.3 Non-Conformist
2.3.1 Didn't want taxes going to church schools
2.3.2 Didn't agree with compensation going to brewery
2.4 Irish Nationalists
2.4.1 Government failed to listen to them
2.4.2 Conservatives wouldn't give a free state to Ireland
2.5 Manufacturer
2.5.1 Needed cheap supplies, Conservatives placed tariffs on goods
2.5.2 Import duties
3 Attractions of the Liberal Party by 1906
3.1 Reunited party
3.2 United behind banner of Free Trade
3.2.1 "Bread and butter" issue
3.2.2 Issue of great concern to voters in all classes
3.3 Exploited Conservatives
3.3.1 Trade unions
3.3.2 Misjudgements over education and licensing
3.4 Support for Home Rule
3.4.1 Gains Irish voters
4 Conservative weaknesses
4.1 Boer War
4.1.1 Revealed the extent of poverty in those called up to fight
4.2 Moral outcry
4.2.1 Over the methods used to detain the prisoners of war
4.3 Education Act and Brewer's Bill
4.3.1 Upset non-conformists
4.4 Chinese Labour Issue
4.4.1 trade unionists worried that cheap labour would affect British wages
4.5 Taff Vale case
4.5.1 Lords prevented strikers ever being able to call a successful strike again Furthered lack of support from working class
4.6 The 1902 Education Act
4.6.1 Roused the fury of the nonconformists, led many of them to revert to Liberal Party
4.7 The 1904 Licensing Act
4.7.1 Annoyed nonconformist voters
4.8 Neglect of social reform
4.9 Tariff reform campaign
4.9.1 Biggest policy misjudgement.
4.9.2 Fear of tariffs would mean dearer food and falling living standards
4.9.3 Divided Conservative government and party
4.10 Conservative Leadership
4.10.1 Balfour lacked political skill.

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