Blood Brothers Quotes - Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons

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Blood Brothers Quotes - Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons
  1. Raising the child(ren)
    1. Nature vs Nurture
      1. Mrs Johnstone
        1. Has multiple children
          1. More children to look after
            1. Has to devote time to each of them
              1. Not a lot of time
          2. Only can buy essentials
            1. Children don't have much to play with
          3. Mrs Lyons
            1. Only has one child - Edward
              1. All time devoted to Edward
                1. Spent money on him
                  1. Has a lot of money from social class
            2. Class has affected their lives/upbringing
              1. Education values for children
                1. Work
            3. 'He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe'
              1. Female sexuality or vulerability
                1. Frequently compared to her
                  1. A woman who was dubbed a perfect figure at that time
                  2. Motif
                    1. Her drepression is much like Mockey
                    2. 'By the time I was twenty-five, I looked like forty-two'
                      1. Mrs Johnstone had a hard life
                        1. She was expected to have children
                          1. Women in that time were expected to stay at home
                            1. Historical context
                        2. 'Bright new day, we're going away'
                          1. Council houses
                            1. Skelmerdale
                            2. Reunit with the Lyons
                              1. A song
                                1. A reoccuring thing throughout the play
                                  1. Play/Musical
                                2. Foreboding
                                  1. The Jonstones move not long after the Lyons
                                    1. Only in Act two so expected to move to the same place
                                3. 'the mother, so cruel there's a stone in place of her heart'
                                  1. It makes the viewer believe a fake statement
                                    1. It starts the story off with a lie and then another scene
                                      1. Viewers don't know what to believe
                                      2. Describing the wrong person
                                        1. Should be Mrs Lyons
                                      3. Turning away the other sibling
                                        1. 'Don't you ever come round here again'
                                          1. Suprised to see him
                                            1. Scared?
                                              1. Supersitition
                                                1. Fearful that they'd die
                                                  1. Hope to make him leave him alone
                                              2. Mrs Jonhstone to Edward
                                                1. Not polite
                                              3. 'I'm very sorry, but it's Edward's bedtime'
                                                1. Polite
                                                  1. Protective/shelters Edward
                                                    1. He has a bed time
                                                      1. Trying to keep him away from Mickey
                                                        1. Bad influence
                                                    2. Parallel scenes
                                                      1. Structure
                                                        1. Both the same dispite class
                                                          1. They're still brothers despite being seperated
                                                      2. 'How can you possibly avoid some of them being put into care?'
                                                        1. Manipulating her
                                                          1. Uses Mrs Johnston'es working classs status against her
                                                            1. Uses this to persuade Mrs Johnstone into giving up one of the twins
                                                            2. 'You know what they say about twins secretly parted?'
                                                              1. Superstition
                                                                1. A reoccuring topic/theme
                                                                  1. Mrs Lyons creates on to manipulate Mrs Jonhstone
                                                                  2. It actually comes true
                                                                    1. God like act?
                                                                      1. Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone both contribute to this
                                                                      2. Using Mrs Johnstone's beliefs againat her
                                                                      3. 'has a lethal-looking kitchen knife in her hand'
                                                                        1. Stage directions
                                                                          1. Has lost her sanity by this stage
                                                                            1. Tries to attack Mrs Johnstone
                                                                              1. Believes that she is following her
                                                                                1. Paranoid
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