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An overview of the basic facts of Mesopotamia, such as the cities of Babylon and Ur, their gods, geography and government

Resource summary

  1. Civilization
    1. Language
      1. They made the first writing not based on pictograms
        1. Took 1000 years tho
      2. City-States
        1. Government
          1. City-States were ruled by kings
          2. Babylon
            1. Hammurabi does so much
              1. Like conquering an empire
                1. And creates a law code
                  1. Actually created an eye for an eye
                  2. But then he died and Babylon got conquered
                2. Ur
                  1. Center of a Mesopotamian State
                    1. Can be credited with decline of Sumerians
                      1. Amorites (nomads) moved in
                    2. Religion
                      1. So! Many! Gods!
                        1. God of the hills!
                          1. God of the water!
                            1. God of the wind!
                              1. God of the sky!
                              2. Each city state had their own god
                                1. The kings and priests had to keep them happy
                                  1. Otherwise there would be droughts and famine
                            2. Geography
                              1. Can't really farm except for near the river
                                1. Lots of sheep and goats
                                  1. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers flow here
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