What Makes a Great Photograph?


GCSE Photography Mind Map on What Makes a Great Photograph?, created by Stephen Wilkinson on 01/11/2013.
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Stephen Wilkinson
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What Makes a Great Photograph?
  1. Measure your exposure correctly
    1. Aperture - Depth of Field
      1. Helps control the amount of Flash Light reaching the sensor
        1. Affects Depth of Field
          1. Small f/stop = Large aperture
            1. Large Aperture = Shallow Depth of Field
              1. Large Aperture = Lots of Light = Faster shutter speed
            2. Large f/stop = Small aperture
              1. Small aperture = Large Depth of Field
                1. Good for landscapes and panoramics
                  1. Small aperture lets very little light into sensor and therefore requires a longer shutter speed
                    1. Good for waterfalls
            3. Shutter Speed - Movement
              1. Helps control amount of natural/ambient light reaching sensor.
                1. Fast Shutter Speed Freezes Movement
                  1. Slow Shutter Speed Blurs Movement
                    1. Rivers & Oceans
                    2. Sports & Moving subjects
                  2. ISO Speed
                    1. Determines light sensitivity of the camera's sensor
                  3. Lens Choice
                    1. Sharp Focusing
                      1. Depth of Field
                        1. Use of filters to alter the image's appearance in-camera without the need of software.
                        2. Learn to See Creatively
                          1. Look for patterns
                          2. Composition
                            1. Leading Lines
                              1. Texture
                                1. Colours
                                  1. Black & White
                                    1. Vivid
                                      1. Neutral
                                      2. Repeating Patterns
                                        1. Shapes
                                          1. Framing Elements
                                            1. Trees
                                              1. Arches
                                                1. Windows
                                                2. Rule of Thirds
                                                  1. Golden Spiral Rule
                                                  2. Knowledge of own camera
                                                    1. Features and Functionality
                                                      1. Camera Menu System
                                                        1. Different Lenses
                                                        2. Knowledge of Location
                                                          1. Best time of day to visit
                                                            1. Special Events in the Area
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