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OT Mind Map by Grace Allen
1 1.Abraham
1.1 The lord sent three visitors to Abraham. they told him that he would have a son
1.1.1 This was ridiculous because he and his wife were very old They had a son and he was called Isaac which means laughter One day the Lord told Abraham to go to the alter and sacrifice his son as a test of his faith The Lord stopped him and this test proved Abraham''s faith in God Isaac was the father of Jacob and Esau
2 2.Jacob/Israel
2.1 Jacob had a brother named Esau
2.1.1 Esau was an outdoorsman, the first born, and his father's favorite Jacob was not quite was hyper masculine and was his mother's favorite Esau came in from hunting one day was was famished He traded his birthright to his brother for a bowl of stew When the time came Jacob got the birthright Their mother came up with a plan for Jacob to also get the blessing The plan worked and Esau was very mad and tried to kill Jacob His mother told him to run and so he did
3 3.Joseph
3.1 Jacob had 12 sons and two wifes
3.1.1 He favored one wife over the other, and therefore her sons were his fsvorite Joseph was his favorite son and he had dreams from god One day his brothers got fed up with him and planned to kill him They beat him up, took the coat their father had given him, tore it and smeared goat blood on it They sold him to merchants heading to Egypt and took the coat to their father and faked Joseph'sdeath Joseph was sold to Potepher and soon became head of his household because God blesses him in everything he did Pothepher's wife liked Joseph and tried to get him to sleep with her, he refused She accused him of raping him and Potepher sent him to jail While in jail he met people who had strange dreams God gave him the ability to interpret these dreams, and what Joseph said, happened One night Pharoah had some troubling drams and one of the men Jacob met in prison told Pharoah about him Pharoah had Joseph brought in and He told Pharoah what his dreams ment The dreams said that there would be 7 years of plentiful harvest in Egypt followed by 7 years of famine Joseph became second best to Pharoah and devised a plan to keep Egypt from dying out during these years of famine Joseph's family was in need to food and 10 of his brothers traveled to Egypt They did not recognize Joseph but he recognized them and he accuses them of being spies and demands that they bring their youngest brother They return with Benjamin (who had the same mother as Joseph) and when Joseph saw benjamin we weep and ran out of the room Joseph served them a feast Joseph instructs his men to put his silver cup in benjamin's bag He calls them back claiming that one of them stole his silver cup. He insists that one of them stays One of the brothers (Judah) is to stay behind , Joseph tells all the attendants to leave the room. he breaks down crying and shows them who he truly is He sends them all back to get their father and bring him back and all of his household and live in Egypt where he can provide for them The Israelite nation grows and they are there for many years and are made slaves by the new Pharoah
4 4.Moses and the Exodus
4.1 Moses was born an Israelite, but was taken in by Pharoah's daughter soon after birth
4.1.1 He grew up in the royal household Once he was grown he saw an Egyptian man beating an Israelite and he killed the Egyptian He then fled Egypt and went to Midian While in Midian got a wife and she gave birth to a son He became a shepherd and looked after his father-in-law's flocks One day one of his sheep lead him ti a mountain where he saw a bush that was on fire, but not burning up Here, he spoke to God God told him to get the Israelites out of Egpyt and in to the promiced land of Caanan God instructed him to do mericals in his name Moses was not good at speaking, so God told him to bring his brother Aaron with him Aaron met moses in the wilderness and they traveled to Egypt to talk to the Isrealite elders Aaron told them all God had said to Moses and they believed They then went to Pharoah and told him to let their people go He refused, and made the slave's work load harder Moses prayed to Gos and God promiced deliverance Aaron preformed a Merical in Gods name and Pharoah remained unmoved Because Pharoah remained unmoved, Aaron called down a plauge of blood apon the Egyptians from God One week later they tried again, but Pharoah's heart was still cold, so Moses brought down a plauge of frogs on them Aaron was instructed by God to reliece Gnats on the Egyptians id Pharoah was still cold (which he was) When Pharoah remained unmoved, this time, he sent down a plauge of flies The next plauge killed all of the Egyptian's lovestock Next, God sent down Boils that would infect all of the Egyptians God then sent hail Then locusts Then Darkness And lastly, he sent down the holy spirit to kill all the firstborn males from all households that did not follow his instructions The Isrealites were the only ones that knew what to do to be saved from this "angel of death" This is where we get the pass over from When the Israelites fled Egypt the Egyptians chases them and cornered then at the red sea God protected them by holding the Egyptians back and parting the waters of the red sea When the Egyptians tried to cross the parted sea, the waters crashed down on them killing them The Israelites grew hungry and the Lord provided them manna and quail While roaming the desert, they came to Mt.Sini and God gave them the 10 comandments But the israeite shad sinned so much that God would not allow that generation into the promice land of Cannan They wondered around in the desert for many years until they had all died in execption to Joshua
5 5.Joshua and the Judges
5.1 In the book of Joshua It tells the story of Tamar
5.1.1 She was a prostitute who protected the Israelite spies And she was saved when the Israelite army marched around and destroied the walls of jericho They followed the Lord's instructions and the walls fell down and Israel took over Jericho There were many different jusges Othniel Ehud Shamgar Deborah Gideon Zebah Zahmunnah Abimelek Tola Jair Jepththa
6 6.King Saul
7 7.King David
8 8.King Solomon
9 Abraham was the grandfather of Jacob
10 Jacob was the father of joseph
11 Joseph led the Israelites into egypt
12 Joshua was Moses' "second in command" when leading the Israelites out of Egypt
13 Saul was the first king of the Israelite nation
14 David was the next king of Israel after Saul
15 Solomon was Davids son, and the next king of Israel
16 Abraham had his sons when he was 90 years old
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