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Old Testament
1 1.Creation
1.1 God created everything in 7 days
1.1.1 God created Adam & Eve
1.1.2 God created animals
1.1.3 God created the Sea God create the Sun and the moon God created Land
2 2. The Fall
2.1 Adam and Eve sinned
2.1.1 Eve was tempted by a snake
2.1.2 They ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil God took one of Adam's ribs and made Eve
3 3. Noah & The Flood
3.1 The world was full of sin so God flooded it
3.1.1 Noah and his family lived 2 of every animal went on the ark Everyone thought Noah was crazy for building it
4 4. Abraham
4.1 Abram was his name and it was changed
4.1.1 Abraham had a nephew named Lot
4.2 God made promises to Abraham
4.2.1 Abraham had a son named Isaac
5 8. Judges
5.1 There's no leader of the people
5.1.1 God uses the Judges for centuries Judges defeat military and political threats Time of Judges was lawless and dangerous Deborah was the only female Judge
6 5. Jacob/Israel
6.1 Jacob deceived Esau
6.1.1 Jacob was Abraham's grandson
6.1.2 Jacob took Esau's birthright
6.1.3 Jacob is the father of 12 sons Jacob's sons are the nation of Israel
7 6. Joseph
7.1 Joseph is hated by his brothers
7.1.1 He is sold into slavery Joseph becomes Egypt's Prime Minster Joseph's family is 12 people Joseph interprets dreams
8 7. Moses
8.1 Moses was an Israelite
8.1.1 Moses was born in Egypt Forced to flee when he was 40 The Lord called him to a burning bush Moses convinces Pharaoh through a series of plagues
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