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OT Mind Map By: Lindsay Jason
1.1 God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt and they camped at Mount Sinai.
1.1.1 God called Moses to the top of the mountain and gave him the 10 commandments - basic laws for the people since they had been enslaved for so long Moses was on the mountain with God for 40 days and 40 nights. God gave him plans for the tabernacle nd offerings. When he was finished, God gave him the tablets of stone. The people had been impatient and begged Moses' brother Aaron for something to worship, so he took gold from the people and made a golden can. When Moses saw this, he was so angry he smashed the tablets and burned the golden calf in the fire. Later God instructed Moses to create new tablets.
2.1 Joseph is the son of Jacob. He was favored by his father, and received a coat of many colors from his father, which made his brothers jealous, including his dreams that he dreamt his brothers would be bowing down to him.
2.1.1 His brothers then decided to deceive their father by throwing Joseph into a ditch and setting it up as if a wild animal had attacked him. Joseph was instead sold to people going to Egypt, and later Potiphar, assistant to Pharaoh. Potiphar's wife lied about Joseph and got him thrown into jail, but the Lord was with him. Joseph interpreted dreams of the people and became known for it. Pharaoh was looking for someone to interpret his dream, so he called for Joseph to help him. He said there would be 7 years of good before 7 years of famine. Joseph formatted a system to store grain, and when the famine came everybody came to Egypt to buy grain from them. Pharaoh was impressed and put him in charge.
3 1. CREATION (GEN 1-2)
3.1 "in the beginning God made the heavens and the earth
3.1.1 On the first day he created day and night The second day, he created the sky and the ocean The third day, God created land and vegetation On the fourth day, he created the sun, the moon, and the stars Day five, God created birds and the fish The sixth day, God made animals and humans On the seventh day, God rested and said it was 'good'
4 2. THE FALL (GEN 3-4)
4.1 When God made the Earth, he made a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, and placed them in the Garden of Eden
4.1.1 In the garden, there were two trees. God instructed they eat fruit from the plentiful tree of life, though they must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. One day, Satan came into the garden in the form of a snake and told Eve if she ate from the forbidden tree, she would know more. He twisted his words to make Eve fall for his trick, and she picked and ate the fruit and convinced Adam to also. Once they ate the fruit, they realized that they were naked and quickly made clothes out of things found in the garden, and hid from God God was angry at Adam and Eve, so he gave them consequences. they were kicked out of the garden to survive on their own and eternal life was taken from them.
5.1 The people of the world were very sinful, and God did not like it at all, so he devised a plan to flood the Earth
5.1.1 The only people who were still righteous were Noah and his family, so God commanded Noah to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal. Nobody believed what Noah was telling them, and they called him crazy and ridiculed what he said God sent rain for 40d40n, rain flooded, family n animals were safe After it ended, noah sent a bird to find land. On the third try it didn't come back. they got to land God made a rainbow to show he would never destroy earth by water again
5.2 Noah was a very faithful and obedient man who served God
6.1 Jacob was the second son of Isaac and Rebekah, sibling to his older brother Esau.
6.1.1 Jacob was a homebody, and a favorite of his mother, while Esau was favored by their father. One day Jacob was making stew, and Esau rushed in, claiming he needs some of his stew or else he will die since he is so hungry. Jacob said he could have the stew if he traded his birthright, so he did. One day, when Abraham is old and blind, he tells Jacob to go fetch game for him so he can give him the blessing, though Esau was out already, so Rebekah formatted a plan for Jacob to pretend he was Esau and receive the blessing. Jacob puts on animal fur, as if he was his hairy brother Esau, as he is also wearing Esau's clothing. He then receives the blessing instead of Esau. Esau returns for the blessing to find out his brother had received it instead. He is so furious he goes out to kill his brother. Jacob is so scared that he flees to escape Esau, to the house of his uncle Laban. When he arrives, he agrees to work for him for the exchange of being able to marry his daughter Rachel. Though, after his time working his done, Laban gives his daughter Leah, because she is firstborn and Jacob is deceived. So, he works for twice as long to marry rachel. He has 12 children. One night Jacob slept alone on a river bank, where he sees a man whom he wrestles with until dawn. God changes his name to Israel which means "struggling with God"
7 4. Abraham
7.1 Abraham was faithful. He left his country because god old him to
7.1.1 God makes a covenant w him that he'll be father of many nations, though abram has no kids and is old. God tells sarai and abraham they'll have a child, but they laugh because they are old. sarai gets pregnant when abram is 99 years. they name it isaac meaning laughter. God changes abram's name, makes promises to him tells him of his descendants and that he will be blessed with land, but he must sacrifice his son isaac. Abraham is so faithful to God, he takes his son to sacrifice him, though when he is about to a ram appears in the bushes so he does not have to sacrifice his son, as God then reward him for being so faithful.
8.1 God tells Samuel to appoint Saul as king.
8.1.1 The people loved Saul, though he started to disobey God The people went into battle one day, and Samuel takes long to arrive for the sacrifice. Saul is too impatient, so he carries it out himself, when it is supposed to be done by priests only. Samuel told Saul to go out and kill the Amalekites and to kill everyone and everything, yet Saul didn't listen, and he pillaged multiple things and took someone as a sacrifice, which was against what God had wanted. Samuel appointed David as new king, but David first had to gain his trust. The Philistines had a soldier named goliath. They said if any of their soldiers were brave enough beat him, they would leave, and David stepped up. Everybody doubted David, but he proved them wrong by hitting Goliath in the head with a stone then using his sword to defeat him. The philistines retreated and David was praised. Saul grew jealous of the praise David received, and tried to get rid of David several times over, so Saul fleed with the aid of others. Saul had soon done so many bad things that his son Jonathan died in battle then he afterward killed himself too.
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