Innovation within Events Industry

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Innovation within Events Industry
1 Main Body
1.1 Companies
1.1.1 Competitiveness of the event ind. Education Massive growth of the market
1.1.2 Lifecycle Social Innovation B'Ham
1.1.3 Differentiation Core competency Innovation = mindset goodman 185 organisational culture How organisations manage or do not implement inno. keeley 201 installing innovation The size of an organisation Risk perception CEOs ultimate respon. for inno. lies with the ceo kuczmarski 1996 kucymarksi expectations for ceo, also in goodman p.24, keeley 195 Kuczmarski fostering an innovation mindset Hub vs Web Commands goind from up-> down vs down ->up bessant p. 555 The importance of leadership goodman 219 bessant p. 13,137 4 P's Kuczmarski bessant p. 19,34 5 S's Zhao Use of Crane at HHK 2010 Incremental vs Radical change Ticketing


  • Innovation in the live music industry has concentrated on three main areas during the past year: ticketing, payment and event curation. Ticketing innovation has focused on making the ticket-buying process as convenient, simple and social as possible, while payment innovation has centred around the growing adoption of contactless payment, usually in the form of a wristband. Developments in concert curation have focused on bringing fans and acts together using crowdfunding and also through networking between bands. Mintel 2013 New technology - promitaci stick Continuous vs Discontinous Bessant p. 34 Crea. and inno. mana. goodman p. 13 GoodMan p.139 bessant p. 22 Innovation tactics!!!! keelez 147
1.2 Creativity
1.2.1 goodman 54,135
1.2.2 goodman 153, crowdsourcing, harnessing brainpower 158
1.3 Enterpreneurship
1.3.1 Personal attribute vs Systematic management process
1.3.2 inno. and entre. Drucker p. 20
1.3.3 Bessant p.10, p. 156 p. 24 a model for innovation and entreprenuership Recognising opp. find res. developing the venture, create the value - example Richard Branson
1.4 Innovation can be broken down and analyzed.
1.4.1 Innovation can be build up systematically.
1.5 Innovation almost never fail due to a lack of creativity but due to a lack of a discipline.
2 Introduction
2.1 Moving towards knowledge-based society
2.1.1 Goodman p. 10
3 Conclusion
4 References
4.1 A - Z

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