Experimental Methods: Bio110-2016

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Workflow of experimental methods discussed in intro Bio

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Experimental Methods: Bio110-2016
1 Nucleotides
1.1 Do I want to know where they are made?
1.1.1 Yes Pulse experiment... I know what radioactive precursor to use, right? Autoradiography Do I want to visualize the cell? Microscopy... I know which kind I should be using, right? And how to prepare my cells or tissues? Light or Flourescent Microscopy Electron Microscopy Do I want to differentiate between locations in the cell Cell fractionization... I know which cell components separate at different speeds, right?
1.1.2 No, I want to know where they're going? Pulse + Chase experiment
1.1.3 I just want to label them!
2 Proteins
2.1 Am I interested in a specific protein?
2.1.1 No, I'm interested in them all
2.1.2 Yes! Well then I need an Antibody... I know how to make one, right? Do I want to visualize where the protein localizes in the cell? Fluorescent labeled antibody? Gold labeled antibody? Do I want to test which tissues, or individuals, or samples contain my protein? Studying Tissues: Harvest Sample Studying cell components: fractionization Purify proteins. Use SDS Gel Electrophoresis... before I visualize my protein of interest, I have to size separate all of them Western Blot Studying individuals: sample individuals
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