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11th grade Inspectors call (Inspector Calls) Mind Map on MR BIRLING, created by Safwah Ishaq on 10/08/2016.

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1 Portrayed throughout the play to have distorted views and who cares only for the prosperity for his own company, sees himself as a 'hard headed business man"
1.1 "My job to keep labour costs down"
1.1.1 Comes across to the audience as greedy as not concered about the welfare of his workers, Shows he's driven by money,. Has distorted views - thinks its just buisness
1.2 "She had a lot to say- far to much to say had to go"
1.2.1 Doesn't let sentiment get in the way of his success. no sympathy- Indicates he is close minded and comes across as selfish and stubborn.
2 He is pompous and a social climber,and uses his power
2.1 "How do you get on with Chief Constable, Colonel Roberts...ought to warn you hes an old friend of mine.
2.1.1 Using his power to defend and lash out when he's impatient or angry. Expects respects because of his class
2.2 "Just a knight hood of course"
2.2.1 Too confident, impressing Gerald convincing him he may be knighted
2.3 "I know the Brumley police officers pretty well"
2.3.1 Impress/intimidate the inspector by showing how he knows rich, powerful people.
2.4 "Might have done better for yourself socially"
2.4.1 Aware of his class and worried about what the crofts think - who is higher then them, shows hes very concerned about how to raise his class, which the marriage (alliance) will do, shows attitude towards Sheila thinks her as a business opputunty
3 Birlings views introduced clearly- by making long, pointless hyperbol speeches show his views as a firce captalist
3.1 "The TItanic-unsinkable"
3.1.1 Makes the audience lose trust in him and engages then through dramatic irony as titanic was a tragic event. Shows he's optamistic about the future and dashes mean pauses showing he's waffling/confused on what hes saying.
3.2 "They ll be peace and prosperity"
3.2.1 Likes to air his views, and monopilise the conversation suggesting he has a high opinion of his own importance and shows he's a fool even with his power making the audience dislike him. Also trying to impress Gerald - showing he only cares about his own reputation.
4 Makes patronising points about women and how they view cothes and appearence
4.1 "Clothes mean something different to women, not only something to wear and not only something to make'em look prettier"
4.1.1 Colloquial language, suggests his attitudes towards women, 'make em look prettier' shows he objectifies women too
5 Through out the play, maintains the same views and gradually exposing is beliefs. Cares much about appearance and struggles to look beyond a deeper menaing
5.1 "i take no responsability"
5.1.1 Shows knows sympathy or compassion for the dead girl. Unable to learn anything, shows that it's too late to change the old generation
5.2 "He produces a huge sigh of relief"
5.2.1 Realizes inspector is fake as worried about his reputation, meaning he's self-cencenterd
5.3 "I'll give thousands- yes- thousands
5.3.1 Resolve problem with his wealth and when his public figure is threatened he'd give anything. shows how selfish he is
5.4 "Eric, what wrong with you"
5.4.1 Neglects his son, blind to what his kids does- thinks they have a lot to learn about the world.
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