6 Characteristics of Civilization

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The Six Characteristics of a civilization

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6 Characteristics of Civilization
1 The Existence of Social Classes
1.1 People divided into groups based on wealth
1.2 Rich, Poor, Slaves
2 The Presense of Geographic boundaries and Political Institutions
2.1 Land owned or claimed (country)
2.2 Territorial boundaries=fence (natural mountains or man made; political lines or map
2.3 Political institutions=government
3 An Economy that Produces a Food Surplus
3.1 More than enough food (but not equally distibuted)
3.2 Surplus
3.3 Specialization
3.4 Trade
4 A System of Record Keeping
4.1 Written language
4.2 Scribes write records, events, history literature, laws, etc.
5 A Concentration of Population in Distinct areas or Cities
5.1 Many people in area(s)
5.2 Communities
6 A Developed Culture
6.1 Developed System Of
6.1.1 Religion
6.1.2 Education
6.1.3 Art
6.1.4 Architecture
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