The Ottawa Charter

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The Ottawa Charter
1 Action areas
1.1 Developing personal skills
1.1.1 Personal and social development occurs through the provision of information for health and the enhancement of life skills
1.1.2 This increases options in the control over your own health e.g planning, problem solving, goal setting etc
1.1.3 These skills lead to: The ability to seek information Individual enpowerment Autonomy
1.1.4 Develops a greater capacity to respond to changes and adjustments that occur in health.
1.2 Creating supportive environments
1.2.1 Focuses on the places where people live, work and play.
1.2.2 The ability to make decisions within these settings Example: Healthy school canteens Alcohol free zones within the community
1.3 Strengthening Community action
1.3.1 Focus is on the empowerment of communities to identify and implement actions to address their health concerns.
1.3.2 Communities need to work together to set health priorities, make decisions, plan strategies and implement them leading to greater ownership and control over health promotion services Example: Schools, workplaces and local government (NSW government, live life well campaign).
1.4 Reorienting health services
1.4.1 Focuses on the well being of the whole person - promotion health, preventing ill health and supporting well being.
1.4.2 Reorienting-adjusting the direction/focus of a service to create a fresh approach.
1.4.3 Example: Health professionals working with and supporting schools in health promotion initiatives such as jump rope for heart.
1.5 Building public health policy
1.5.1 Relates to decisions made at all levels of government and by organisations that work towards health improvement.
1.5.2 Goes beyond the health sector - includes legislation, policies, taxes and organisational change in areas such as education, welfare, recreation etc.
1.5.3 Co-ordinated action helps to make healthier choices in our working and living environments
1.5.4 Example: Food packaging labels, legislation on smoking in public places, school policy in relation to sun safety.
2 Prerequisites for health
2.1 Basic necessities for health
2.1.1 Peace
2.1.2 Shelter
2.1.3 Education
2.1.4 Food
2.1.5 Income
2.1.6 Stable ecosystem
2.1.7 Sustainable resources
2.1.8 Equity
2.1.9 Social justice
2.2 Health is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources aswell as physical capabilities
3 Health promotion
3.1 Process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health
3.2 Allowing them to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing/
3.3 Health is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.
3.4 Therefore, health promotion is not just the responsibility of the health sector, but goes beyond healthy lifestyles to well-being.

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