'Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product?'


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'Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product?'
  1. This is James, he is a 32 year and eight months old middle class male, who lives in the suburbs, a twenty minute train journey outside of London, as you can see James wears suits to work, he works Monday to Friday and sometimes one day at the weekend in an office based job in the heart of London, earning a wholesome £38,000 + wage per year (post taxes). He is married and has two children, two sons between the ages of 4-8. James likes to spend his free time after work socialising with family friends, going out for meals and has a key interest in action/thriller movies. At the weekend James dedicates his time to his children, taking them to the park, playing football with them and taking them to the cinema to see the latest children's movie.
    1. James is particularly fond of the James Bond movies, mainly 'Goldeneye' and 'Skyfall' as the big set pieces, fights and weapons/gadgets along with the sports cars and other top range vehicles presented within these texts highly appeal to him. Other thriller genre movies such as 'Taken' and 'The Sixth Sense' also appeal to James as he feels he can engage with the text, due to the inclusion of children within these texts that he can relate back to his own children. James is a fan of crime and thriller genre TV programmes broadcast onto mainstream TV, such as 'Luther', 'Silk' and 'The Bill' (before it was cancelled). Mainly James watches BBC 1, ITV1 and Comedy Central. James enjoys listening to rock/acoustic music and music from the 80's/90's the decades he was growing up in.
      1. I feel my media product 'Sins Of The Father' would be perfect for James for a number of reasons. Firstly the film is of the thriller and crime genre, two key genres of film that appeal to James, there is an inclusion of children, in fact the children are the focal point to the narrative, therefore my text would be engaging for James. The big set pieces and use of weapons and sports cars that appeal to James in thriller movies would also be presented within my media text. James represents a demographic target audience of adult men between 20-30 years old who are stereotypically supposed to be the correct audience for my media text, this is the demographic audience for my text as well as the perfect psychographic audience, hobbies including going to the cinema to see thriller/action adventure movies as well as James' occupation. James works in London and is passionate about his work and wishes to excel in work and financial success which will also engage him into my media text

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