Requiem for the Croppies

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Requiem for the Croppies
1 Themes
1.1 remembrance
1.2 death
1.3 commemoration
2 Context
2.1 by Seamus Heaney
2.1.1 Irish poet
2.2 'Croppies'
2.2.1 Irish rebels
2.2.2 late 18th Century
3 Techniques
3.1 Punctuation
3.1.1 ellipsis creates pauses encourages/infers reflection throughout the poem "on the hike..." slows pace of poem links to themes of commemoration and remembrance
3.2 Imagery
3.2.1 "The hillside bushed" literal origin red with embarassment metaphorical meaning hillside is red with blood metaphor creates a more delicate phrase refrains from using negative words such as 'blood' or 'death links to theme of remembrance
3.2.2 "soaked in our broken wave" "broken wave" failure defeat destroyed decimation "soaked"
3.3 Symbolism
3.3.1 "And in August...the barley grew up out of our grave" their bodies fertilise the land the land they fought to protect new life resurrection eternal life croppies memory lives on memory is immortal they will not be forgotten remembered for their bravery and suffering
4 Narrative
4.1 Hardship and Strife
4.1.1 "A people hardly marching..." they are untrained and unmotivated not a proper army no uniformity fatigue
4.1.2 "No kitchens on the run, no striking camp..." life is simple, basic and unglamourous no luxuries repetition of "no" emphasises lack of luxuries/necessities and bareness of their life
4.1.3 "We moved quick and sudden in our own country" trespassers in their own home land constant fear and terror fighting for freedom
4.2 Tactics
4.2.1 "We found new tactics happening each day" unorganised no sense of unity no plan
4.2.2 "shaking scyths at cannon" contrast of weaponry croppies are unmatched against enemy they are unadvanced and naive "scyths" unadvanced primitive farming tool croppies are normal people using what weapons they can find
4.2.3 "pike" simple non-advanced
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