Monocular Depth Cues

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GCSE Edexcel Psychology Unit 1

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Monocular Depth Cues
1 Relative Size
1.1 smaller objects are perceived as further away than larger ones
1.2 objects making bigger images on the retina are perceived as being closer than ones making smaller images
2 Texture Gradient
2.1 an area with a detailed pattern is perceived to be nearer than one will less detail
2.2 close up a textured surface is very detailed, from further away the texture is less clear
3 Height In The Plane
3.1 objects closer to the horizon are perceived to be more distant than ones below or above the horizon
3.2 things lower in the scene are closer, those which are higher up are further away
4 Superimposition
4.1 a partly hidden object must be further away than the object covering it
5 Linear Perspective
5.1 parallel lines appear to converge in the distance
5.2 the point on the horizon where the parallel lines meet is called the 'vanishing point'

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