Health and Safety

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Health and Safety
1 Problems
1.1 RSI
1.1.1 Conditions affecting the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. The employee use the same muscles to perform the same task each day. Reduced by: Taking regular breaks Use a wrist rest under the keyboard Use a foot rest Change sitting position from time to time
1.2 Eyestrain
1.2.1 Caused by looking at a computer screen for too long. Leads to headaches, blurred vision and leads to discomfort meaning that less work is done. Reduced by: Anti-glare screens Swivel bases so as to deflect light Good lighting in office Use blinds Adjusting the brightness and contrast
1.3 Back Pain
1.3.1 Caused by sitting at a computer for too long. The person may suffer back pain or immobility Reduced by: Using adjustable chairs which allow for height adjustment and back rest tilting Taking regular breaks and walking around to exercise muscles
1.4 ELF Radiation
1.4.1 VDUs can give out Extremely Low Frequency radiation which may cause illness if the user works in front of a screen for long periods of time. Reduced by: Taking regular breaks Anti-glare filters Low-emission screens
2 Ergonomics
2.1 Specialist equipment that is specially designed to be safe.
2.1.1 Ergonomically designed equipment includes: A VDU that can be tilted A separate keyboard with wrist supports A chair with a backrest and adjustable height Adjustable footrest
3 Employee and Employer Responsibilities
3.1 Employer:
3.1.1 All electricity switches, plugs, sockets etc. should be in good condition and regularly checked
3.1.2 Fire extinguishers should be instralled
3.1.3 Cables should not be trailing and bare wire should not be showing
3.1.4 Provide ergonomically designed equipment
3.2 Employee:
3.2.1 Should not eat or drink near computers
3.2.2 Must carry out any training provided
3.2.3 Must be aware of the company's Health and Safety policy
3.2.4 Use any ergonomically designed equipment provided

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