T.J. Avery

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Created by lucas.ossenberg over 5 years ago
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T.J. Avery
1 Member of Avery family
1.1 Sick dad
1.1.1 Mercy of landowners
1.1.2 Can't tell nobody. Not even my dad. P198
2 Sly?
3 Attention seeker
3.1 Anything-just all i want-they'll get it for me. p. 192
3.2 God talker
3.3 Hard shell, weak inside.
4 Friendship
4.1 Like i said its alright, if you are lookin like a fat preacher p113
4.2 Hey wait a minute let me explain. p 73
4.3 True friend or not?
5 Confident
5.1 weak, insecure
5.1.1 Gulable
5.1.2 Im sick of y"all p135
5.1.3 Help me get home... I cant make it by myself. P196
5.2 no sense of intergrity
5.2.1 Outsider
5.3 i'd sell my life for that gun. P92
6 "evil character"
6.1 Victim of circumstance
6.1.1 Victim of racism
6.2 Doesn't know what he gets in to.
6.3 Thief
7 Share cropper
7.1 Not wealthy.
7.1.1 Wants to have power.

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