The creation of Youth Culture

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The creation of Youth Culture
1 1- DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGES- After WW2 Britain faced a series of problems caused by the fact that so many men had died- over 1million.Men who survived came home,had lots of sex and this caused a huge baby boom in the years afterwards.These children all became teenagers at the end of 1950s.There were suddenly more youths around than ever before- they were simply much more noticeable.
2 2- EDUCATION CHANGES- The school leaving age in the 1940s was 14.This was raised to 15 in the 1950s and then to 16 in 1964.The aim of these changes was to produce a more skilled workforce.When students could leave school at 14,they were effectively treated as adults at that age.Their period of 'youth' was very short.As the leaving age was raised they spent more time as youths,mixing with each other and this massively helped to create youth culture.
3 3- INCREASING ECONOMIC POWER OF YOUNG PEOPLE- There was a huge economic boom in the 1950s.Young people began to play an important role in the economy- employers like young workers because they work for low pay and accept poor working conditions.Between 1938 and 1958,the earnings of young people more than doubled in comparison to the earnings of adults.Young people suddenly had disposable income and by the late 1950s young people were the age group who spent the most on leisure activities,clothes,music and cosmetics.This helped fuel the creation of youth cultures.
4 4- GLOBALISATION- The world has changed hugely in the last 60 years.The boundaries of geography have been broken down- you can travel ANYWHERE in the world in 24 hours.You can contact people ANYWHERE in the world 24 hours a day via mobile phones/internet.The impact of American Culture is a large part of this- brands like Coca-Cola/Nike are global.It is difficult for us to imagine a world not dominated by American products,but before the 1950s this was the case.It was only after WW2 that American Culture made an impact; particularly with young people- the new 'teenage market' was targeted heavily.
5 5- THE MEDIA- The media played a huge role in creating and promoting youth culture.The 1950s saw an explosion of different kinds of media- television & magazines.The 1980s carried this on- a specific TV station aimed at young people- MTV on satellite TV for example.The power the media has developed setting fashion trends/music trends is huge and has revolutionised youth culture forever.
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