Weimar Germany 1919-1933

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Couple of facts on Treaty of Versailles, the occupation of the Ruhr, Hyperinflation and Munich Putsch. Comment below If this helps you :)

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Weimar Germany 1919-1933
1 Treaty Of Versailles (28th June 1919)
1.1 Germany lost 13% of its land
1.2 Take the blame for starting World War One
1.2.1 War Guilt
1.3 Pay Reparations £6.6 Billion
1.4 Army limited to 10,000
2 The Occupation of the Ruhr (1923)
2.1 French invade as Germany couldn't afford to pay reparation
2.2 Industrial area
2.3 Germany lost money
2.3.1 German workers on strike
3 Hyperinflation (1923)
3.1 Goverment printed too much money
3.2 Currency become worthless
3.3 New currency was introduce by Stresemann to solve the problem
3.3.1 Gustav Stresemann Foregin Minister Chancellor
4 Munich Putsch ( 8-9th November 1923)
4.1 Hitler tries to take power illegally
4.2 Hitler fails
4.3 Hitler Spend 9 months in prison
4.3.1 He wrote his book"Mein Kempf"
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