Impact of Digital Communication on Culture - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY

Millie Salt
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Millie Salt
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A mind map explaining how digital communication impacts cultures. This section talks about homogenisation, conflict, change and cultural defence - sociologists and studies included. Part of the OCR Sociology A level, component 3: Debates in contemporary sociology; specifically Globalisation and the digital social world.

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Impact of Digital Communication on Culture - OCR A2 SOCIOLOGY
  1. Conflict and Change
    1. Religious Fundementalism
      1. Howard
        1. 'Digital Jesus'
          1. Religious web communication
        2. ISIS
        3. Kirk Patric
          1. Facebook Effect
            1. Movements started online
              1. Arab Spring
                1. Democratic Uprising
        4. Cultural Defence
          1. Giddens
            1. Reverse Colonisation
              1. Mexicanisation in California
              2. Crotaeu and Hoynes
                1. Digital Media companies are being forced to adapt to local practices
                2. Mohammadi
                  1. Exaggerated Western images of homogenisation
                  2. Glocolisation
                    1. Global ideas have adapted to local practices
                  3. Cultural Homogenisation
                    1. Majority of the internet is written in English
                      1. Where western culture threatens to dominate other cultures
                        1. Western Ideals
                          1. Capitalism
                            1. Patriarchy
                              1. Consumerism
                                1. Secularism
                                  1. Individualism
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