What is the role of migration in population change?

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What is the role of migration in population change?
1 Voluntary migration
1.1 Mexico to USA
1.1.1 1 million Mexicans per year
1.1.2 Illegal immigration big issue in the US
1.1.3 Gender imbalance - men often leave women behind
1.1.4 Working community in Mexico weakened
1.1.5 Push factors Poor medical facilities 1800 people per doctor Jobs are low paid $3750 GNP 55% adult literacy 40% unemployment
1.1.6 Pull factors Higher paid jobs $24,750 GNP Better medical facilities 99% adult literacy rate Good medical facilities 400 people per doctor Many jobs for low paid workers
1.1.7 22% of entire Mexican population live in USA Also make up 10.3% of US pop
1.2 Poland to UK
1.2.1 Between 500,000 - 600,000 poles in UK today - 3rd largest minority group 1st is India
1.2.2 Push Unemployment 18.2% 40% in some places GNP $12,700
1.2.3 Pull Unemployment in UK 5.1% GNP $30,900 Lots of jobs for migrants Low paid/ unwanted
1.3 Transmigration within Indonesia
1.3.1 World's 4th largest country
1.3.2 Java overpopulated Farmers presented with incentives to move to Kalimantan 'Mega Rice Project' Locals lose lands Resort to logging as land is being lost anyway Plot of land given (2 ha) to make a living off of Destructive - Swampland and forests flattened for new land Land often not very fertile Requires expensive fertilisers Chemicals pollute waters Most cannot make a living off of land Initial rations not enough
2 Forced migration
2.1 Hurricane Katrina
2.1.1 Estimated 450,000 to 600,000 families displaced
2.1.2 Evacuated citizens relocated across the 50 states and other major cities - mostly Houston Families separated Stress placed on those states and cities
2.2 Iraq War
2.2.1 Caused up to 1 million internally displaced persons Estimated a further 1.6 - 2 million people have fled the country (nearly 7% of total population)
2.2.2 Many have moved to Jordan and Syria Caused great demographic change for both governments Increased poverty in areas of refugees and asylum seekers
2.2.3 Roughly 40% of middle class believed to have fled No desire to return - economic sector struggles

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