Media Studies

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Media Studies
  1. The Uses and Gratfications theory
    1. It is an approach to understand why and how people actively seek out specific media to satisfy specific needs.
    2. Freedom of the press
      1. It is the freedom of communication and expression through mediums
        1. It includes various electronic media and published materials
        2. 7 rules editors should follow
          1. 1. To be accurate
            1. 2. To respect privacy
              1. 3. No harrassment
                1. 4. Intrusion into grief or shock
                  1. 5.Protection of minors
                    1. 6.Protection of kids in sex cases
                      1. 7. Discrimination
                    2. Representations
                      1. How the media presents people and groups of people in terms of gender, ethnicity, cultural diversity, age and nation.
                        1. The media will represent events and news from a national regional and local perspective
                      2. Types of news
                        1. Frequency - long term event
                          1. Elite Persons - a story covering an important powerful person
                            1. Continuity - An ongoing story
                              1. The Unexpected - an event that's out of the ordinary
                                1. Size and scale - The bigger the event, higher the chance of it being reported
                                  1. Ordinary people - Human interest
                                    1. Elite nations - a story on an important nation
                                      1. Uniqueness - an event that rarely occours
                                      2. Features of newspapers
                                        1. An infographic
                                          1. Jump Line
                                            1. Masthead
                                              1. Dateline
                                                1. Image with caption to anchor the meaning
                                                  1. Subheading
                                                    1. Byline
                                                      1. Splash heading
                                                        1. Strapline
                                                          1. Ear Piece
                                                            1. Crosshead
                                                              1. Side Banner
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