Decline in Infant Mortality Rate

Fionnghuala Malone
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AS/ A Level Sociology (UNIT 1- Families and Households) Mind Map on Decline in Infant Mortality Rate, created by Fionnghuala Malone on 04/26/2014.

Fionnghuala Malone
Created by Fionnghuala Malone over 5 years ago
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Decline in Infant Mortality Rate
1 Less married women working
2 Mass vaccination
3 Better nutrition
3.1 Including mothers
4 Better knowledge of hygiene
4.1 Child health and welfare
5 Improved services for mothers and children
5.1 Anti-natal
5.2 Post-natal
6 Improved sanitation
6.1 Less disease
7 Higher in lower class
8 Improved housing

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