(AQA) AS Psychology - Social Influence

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(AQA) AS Psychology - Social Influence
1 Conformity
1.1 Asch's Reseach on Conformity
1.1.1 Procedure 5 -7 participants 123 American Male students Which comparison line is the same as the standard line. Confederate said wrong answer 12/18 trials.
1.1.2 Findings 75% conformed at least once, so 25% never conformed.
1.1.3 Evaluation The task set is is artificial. Participants were asked to compare lines. It is not everyday that people sit and compare lines thus the study lacks ecological validity. Because the task was easy and unrealistic the participants could've easily guessed that the others are confederates and therefore played along which would sabotage the findings thus the study's results may not apply to real life situations as they are affected by demand characteristics. Asch's research is limited due to many reasons. All participants in the study were male thus the results conducted lack population validity as the sample is not representative of the target population. The study also lacks population validity because the participants were all American and thus the findings can't be applied to other ethnic groups or societies. Some participants said that they conformed so they would be liked by the group and avoid rejection. this si evidence for the
1.2 Types
1.2.1 Compliance Publicly agrees but privately disagrees. This type of conformity is temporary and only done when the group is present. Laughing at a joke because your other friends did.
1.2.2 Internalisation This is agreeing with the group privately and publicly, even when the group is not present. This is a permanent change of behaviour. Becoming vegetarian.
1.2.3 Identification Willingly accepting the groups social norms and values, however this is only when the group is present. This is external and temporary. Police are strict in a shift but they are different at home.
1.3 Explinations
1.3.1 Normative Social Influence The desire to be liked. When you do what others do so you're not left out or rejected by the group. For example a person may feel pressurised to smoke because the rest of their friends are. Normative influence tends to lead to compliance because the behaviour is temporary.
1.3.2 Informational Social Influence This is the desire to be right. We conform because we are unsure of the situation or we dont know so we look at what other do and assume that they have more knowledge on the topic. If you go to a posh restaurant for the first time, You might not know which fork to use so you look at others and copy. This usually leads to internalisation: perminent change
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