Sociology Unit 1: Childhood

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Sociology Unit 1: Childhood
1 Social Construction
1.1 created & defined by society,
1.2 childhood means different things in different cultures & time
2 Pre Industrial
2.1 ARIES: children were 'little adults'
2.2 (1960)
2.3 units of production-7/8 years
2.4 children had to work in order for family to survive
2.5 high level of infant mortality
2.6 children were punished for crimes
3 Post Industrialisation
3.1 children- attention &protection
3.2 people chose to have fewer children
3.3 the role of social services to help children at risk
4 Industrialisation
4.1 children working in mines & factories
4.2 infant mortality decreased as better diet and saniation
4.3 Middle Class began to see children as love
5 Modern Western Idea
5.1 PILCHER: most important feature is separateness
5.1.1 childhood is seen as a distinct light stage- different from adults
5.2 differences are shown through dress, products & laws
5.3 golden age of happiness & innocence
6 Reasons For Changes In The Position Of Children
6.1 laws resticting child labour
6.2 compulsory schooling
6.3 minimum wage for drinking etc
6.4 declining family size

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