Health Problems

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(Role and Impact of ICT) Mind Map on Health Problems, created by Emma Dolby on 05/19/2013.

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Health Problems
1 Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
1.1 Blood clot
1.2 Usually in the leg
1.3 Cause: Sitting in a chair that puts pressure on the back on the knees
1.4 Prevention: Correct posture when sitting. Standing up and moving around
2 Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
2.1 Chronic pain in the arms, shoulder or back
2.2 Cause: Repetitive actions, poor posture when working, maintaining a fixed forced position
2.3 Prevention: Correct workstation, keyboard rests, foot stools and adjustable chairs and taking frequent breaks from continuos activity
3 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
3.1 Pressure on the median nerve in the wrist
3.2 Cause: Repeated wrist movements such as typing
3.3 Prevention: Avoiding repetitive actions and taking frequent breaks
4 Ulnar Neuritis
4.1 Compression of the ulnar nerve in the elbow
4.2 Cause: Leaning on the elbow for prolonged periods of time
4.3 Prevention: Using wrist rests and adjustable height chairs and setting correct desk height
5 Eye strain
5.1 Prevention: Drinking plenty of fluids and using correctly adjusted, flicker-free monitors
5.2 Hazy vision
5.3 Tired eyes
5.4 Cause: Looking at the monitor for too long, dehydration of the eyes
6 Back Pain
6.1 Muscle Spasms
6.2 Cause: Poor posture, sitting in the same position and forced position
6.3 Prevention: Using correct posture and adjustable chairs
7 Fatigue
7.1 Prevention: Taking a 5 min break every hour and varying the work
7.2 Tiredness
7.3 Lethargy
7.4 Cause: Continued periods of mental work
8 Stress
8.1 State of mental strain
8.2 Cause: Overwork or software/hardware not doing what you expect
8.3 Prevention: Taking a 5 min break every hour and the appropriate training
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