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The City Planners.

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THE CITY PLANNERS Intro Don't talk about the poem. Use the poem as evidence. General strong sentence on the chosen question. Strong statement on the poets view - backed up with the poem. 2nd sentence needs to bring out the 'WHY' Body Paragraph. 6 different paragraphs about 6 different fights between man and nature. Fighting to control/over ride nature. Sanitary - mans obsession with cleanness. Man controlling nature by machine (the power mower). Each individual is lost in their own world (a blizzard) ignoring the importance of nature. Nature will fight back. It will be a slow process but it will come back. (house capsized...) man hasn't planned ahead... no thought the future or what is going to happen (scattered over unsurveyed territories.) because of man, everything has become a world of panic and madness. (panic and madness) Links to outside the text. Nature has fought back, rebelled already, take for example, the liquefaction in ChCh. To date, it has gained hundreds of homes from the reach of man. They have been sucked into the sandy clay seas Nature is being built over top of. For example, Hastings use to be a small farming town, the road to Havelock North use to be surrounded by corn fields and olive groves, but today man is changed the small town of hasting into a city of 450,000 people and subdivisions of boxlike houses. For example the frimey estate has hundreds or houses, all side by side, all so similar to their neighbouring houses. The trees on the expressway between Napier and Hastings have been removed after 40 years and have been replaced with clean green plants. man is obsessed with being prim and clean. No variety.

THE BUTLER- Lee Daniels Freedom Bus Scene Slow Music - a sense of being held back. Dim colouring - darkness gives a tense atmosphere The bus is small in relation to the huge darkness which surrounds it (camera work) Happy but tense inside the bus. cut from inside the bus to what they can see from inside the bus. Intense suspense as Louis and Carol lean forward in their seats. - Seats creak- music slows - changing to a slightly airy version.- Louis yells, Girls screams, eiry hum Smoke and haze all creates a trapped feeling...sound effects and special effects Cross bursts into flames - sound effects and lighting. Smoke everywhere - special effects. Camera position makes the blacks look helpless while the whites look strong and powerful.

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