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Sevilla Language Center English Level Test


English Level Test for Sevilla Language Center
Alexa Randell
Quiz by Alexa Randell, updated more than 1 year ago
Alexa Randell
Created by Alexa Randell almost 6 years ago

Resource summary

Question 1

My Spanish classes are ...
  • at Monday mornings.
  • on Monday mornings.
  • in Monday mornings.
  • by Monday mornings.

Question 2

I´m going to the shop ... some milk.
  • for to buy
  • to buying
  • for buy
  • to buy

Question 3

Last Friday I ... out with my friends.
  • no go
  • didn´t have go
  • didn´t go
  • don´t go

Question 4

He plays for Barcelona Football Club, ...?
  • doesn´t he?
  • isn´t he?
  • didn´t he?
  • don´t he?

Question 5

David is taller ... Pablo.
  • of
  • than
  • from
  • by

Question 6

I have been living here ... 6 years.
  • for
  • since
  • from
  • by

Question 7

Notting Hill is a district in North-west London and the [blank_start]place[blank_end] of the annual Notting Hill Carnival. It is Europe’s largest street party and the second [blank_start]biggest[blank_end] carnival in the world. It began in the ‘60s with only a few hundred attendees, but it has [blank_start]grown[blank_end] into a massive party. This year’s carnival was the 50th, and an estimated two million people came. The weather was nice and everybody [blank_start]had[blank_end] a good time. However, there were also 9,000 people who were there to work – police officers. Some of them were involved in the fun, but they [blank_start]were[blank_end] there to keep people safe. One policewoman explained that they were trialling a face recognition technology there, which would identify people [blank_start]who[blank_end] should not be at the carnival.
  • place
  • space
  • room
  • situation
  • biggest
  • big
  • bigger
  • more bigger
  • grown
  • grew
  • grow
  • growing
  • had
  • passed
  • did
  • made
  • were
  • was
  • are
  • weren´t
  • who
  • which
  • what
  • where

Question 8

Batman Suit Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s, uh, Batman… Or at least [blank_start]the[blank_end] most advanced Batman cosplay suit in the world. With 23 functioning gadgets and a shocking resemblance to the superhero himself, this Batman replica [blank_start]has[blank_end] won the Guinness World record for the [blank_start]most[blank_end] functional gadgets on a cosplay suit. Created [blank_start]by[blank_end] special effects expert Julian Checkley, the suit contains devices [blank_start]like[blank_end] smoke bombs, a grapnel gun and bat tracker, and a UV lamp, just to name a few. Remarkably, the costume was 3D printed and [blank_start]then[blank_end] moulded around Checkley physique and standing at 6'10’’ (208 cm) in the suit, he makes for quite [blank_start]an[blank_end] imposing figure. Batman took some time out [blank_start]of[blank_end] his busy schedule fighting evil in Gotham City to receive the prestigious award [blank_start]which[blank_end] will feature in the new 2017 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.
  • the
  • has
  • most
  • by
  • like
  • then
  • an
  • of
  • which
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