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About the 3 conferences within the cold war, Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam, and what each confernece entailed.

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    The 3 Conferences 
    Tehran YaltaPotsdam 

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    The Tehran Conference 
    The Tehran conference was the first out of the 3. Taking place from the 28th of November -1st December 1943. The three presidents that attended the conference were; Churchill (UK), Stalin (USSR) and Roosevelt (USA)
    The 3 countries had one common enemy GERMANY.Stalin was annoyed with Britain and USA because they has delayed opening a second front in the war. They also argeed: 1. USA and Britian would open a second front so it would take pressure off the USSR. 2. After the Germans had been defeated USSR would declear war on japan. 3. Poland would be given some of Germanys land however lose some from the USSR. 

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    The Yalta Conference. 
    Took place from the 4th to the 11th February 1945. The 3 presidents that attended where; Churchill (UK), Stalin (USSR) and Roosevelt (USA). Relations had worsened by the Yalta conference due to the fact that Britain and USA had been reluctant to open a second front. Britain had entered the second world war.   
    The decisions that where made where: 1. Once Germany had been defeated it would be reduced in size and made to pay reparations in goods, materials and manual labor.2. Plans had begun how Germany would be split after the war. 3. Nazi party would be treated as war criminals and put in front of the high court. 4. USSR would declare war on japan. 5. Poland should be under soviet sphere of influence. 

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    The Potsdam Conference 
    Potsdam was the last conference of them all.July til August 1945. The 3 presidents that attended the meeting were; Churchill/ Attlee (UK), Stalin (USSR) and Truman(USA).