Unit 6 Review

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Review of key concepts from Unit 6

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Cold War war between the United States and the Soviet Union where there was no military action
Democracy Type of government that is ruled by the people
Communism Type of government the United States tried to stop from spreading
Iron Curtain divide between the democratic and communist sides of Europe
G.I. Bill Gave American servicemen and women money for homes, college and vocational training
White Flight Affected cities and caused them to become economically poor
Consumerism Consumption or purchasing of new goods by individuals because an economy offers numerous new inventions and products
Joseph McCarthy He caused fear among Americans by claiming that many in the government and Hollywood were communist
Napalm and Agent Orange The two chemicals used to clear the jungle in Vietnam
Sputnik The Soviet Union satellite that started the Space Race
"Living Room War" America's nickname for the Vietnam War
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