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    Different roles of science
    Frankenstein - Idea that science brings destruction to society AO2 - Science as a tool to replace the role of the female- Idea that fertility is removed from the female. His neglection of the monster could suggest that the role of the mother cannot be replaced. - Science has the power to do good, but the power of it can also easily be abused - Frankenstein wanted to 'pour a torrent of light into our dark world', however this resulted in the creation and neglection of the monster.AO3 - Context of reception - relevant to events happening in the 20th century - genetic modification and designer babies - where is the limit? - Left to question whether it is science which is the danger or the power which it gives to people.
    Handmaid'sIdea that religion replaces the need for science - the regime is heavily based on the laws of the bible. The need for science is displaced Science usurps the role of women - the totalitarian society and the regime can as such be considered as 

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    Use of narrator
    FrankensteinEpistolary narrative - grounds the story. Walton is arguably the most rational of all the charactersHomodiegetic narration - 

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    The way both present possible futures

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    Manipulation of human production

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    Use of different voices

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    Political and societal concerns in both novels

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    Gender (focus on the male or female experience)

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    Society versus the individual

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    Trust and betrayal in the relationship

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    Science and the misuse of science and technology

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    Language (its unreliability, use and abuse, power)
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