GCSE Exam 2016

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Introduction to GCSE Exam 2016

Find everything you need to know to succeed in your GCSE Exam here.

You want to get the best possible result in your GCSE exams. We are here to help! From stats, tips and tools, we have a comprehensive set of materials to help you get the best result possible.  Plus with GoConqr you have access to over 3,000,000 learning resources, so you won’t be stuck for inspiration.

This page highlights the key areas of the GCSE Exam 2016:

  • Getting Started
  • GCSE Subjects
  • Revision Tips & Advice
  • Study Resources & Tools
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GCSE Geometry and Measures

Getting Started

First the run down; for 2015/16 new specifications have been put in place for English Language, English Literature and Maths. These subjects will contain new content and will be assessed and graded differently.

Before the changes introduced this year, the most common measurement of success was 5 A*- C scores. Now, there is a new grading scale that uses the numbers 1-9 to identify levels of performance (with 9 being the top level). Those who fail to meet the minimum standard will be graded with a U – as before.

If you’re looking for basic dates for the exams, this GCSE Exam Dates page contains details on dates for 2016 from the main GCSE Exam boards.

For information on setting goals, see our Revision Timetable page.

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GCSE Subjects

If you’ve started the cycle this year, you will have already chosen your GCSE subjects. The percentage of students who achieve A*-C grades can vary greatly between subjects. 65% of students who sat the English Language exam this year achieved an A*-C grade while 76% of English Lit students achieved the same grade. However, with the new grading system  (1-9) introduced this year, more differentiation will be provided between students achieving the middle and higher grades.

The most important things to base your subject choices on are your interest, long-term ambition and ability in the subject. If you’re unsure of future career prospects, picking a variety of subjects will help you.

Find more information on preparing for your core GCSE Subjects here:

GCSE Revision Timetable

GCSE Study Resources

Need inspiration or extra insight into a topic? There is no need to bang your head against the wall or pay for expensive tutoring. And it’s time to stop all that furious photocopying – think about the trees!

Many websites offer you sample content to give you a fresh angle or a more engaging way of studying a topic. There are lots of free resources out there to help you gain that new insight or give an explanation that will help you make sense of a topic. So take the opportunity to do some productive web browsing to find online help.

Our website offers you the ability to access over 4,000,000 learning resources, covering all major subjects.

GCSE Tools

You have chosen your subjects and set you goals; now it’s time to get down to hard work. We’ve got some great learning tools to that will help you throughout Year 11 and make studying a more engaging activity. Visualise topics and connect ideas with Mind Maps. Flashcards help you memorise key definitions while you can track learning progress with assessment tools. Plus, it’s easier to organise all your study material.

Better yet, you can also connect and collaborate with other GCSE students in our new Public Groups. With Groups covering Maths, Science, English, History and much more, you’re bound to find all the help you need to support your exam preparation.

Find out more about our tools here:

GCSE English Language
GCSE Algebra

GCSE Revision Tips

If you’re an ambitious student, you will be searching for the best GCSE revision tips online. At GoConqr, we help you get the most out of our study tools by giving you study tips and advice to help you revise better and improve your memory. Check out our Revision Tips page for tried and trusted methods of studying smarter!

Now that you’re up to speed on the key information, why not find out more about:

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