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GCSE Notes

Many students take 10 or more GCSE subjects (the maximum is 17!)  and this can mean a chaotic mess of study notes. The best way to focus on studying is to create an organised set of study notes which will not only help you learn by keep you motivated to study.

Integrating technology into your learning process can be highly beneficial, plus it’s easy to do. Organise your GCSE subjects in one, easy-to-access place using online study notes. This will help you to keep track of your GCSE syllabus and never lose your study notes again.

Also, unlike writing your notes, you can integrate digital media such as videos, presentations, images and more in one central place. Here’s how you can optimise your GCSE notes to achieve exam success.

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Benefits of Using Online Notes

Keeping useful study notes is essential to GCSE exam success as they can be built upon and provide all the information you need to know on a particular topic. Firstly, you need to understand the way you study best then adapt your notes to suit your needs. Explore the GCSE Biology Example Note below:

GCSE  Biology: The Heart

Discover the 3 key ways online notes can help you improve your revision.

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1. Better Organisation

Having one central place to store your GCSE notes for all of your subjects can be the key to helping you be more productive. Rather than having physical folders with stacks of sheets, you can categorise each topic that makes up one of your subjects and find your notes with the click of a button.

You can even organise sections within your online notes to keep on top of everything. This means that the process of studying is much cleaner and efficient when using online tools.

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Day of the GCSEs

2. Incorporate Media

One way to introduce a bit of fun into your study routine is to build videos, images, audio and even presentations into your study notes – you definitely can’t do that with your written notes!

Over time you can develop a comprehensive note with a wealth of knowledge and even link to other sites so that it becomes your go-to place for everything you need to know on that topic. This optimises the note-taking and review process and everything you need is in one place.

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3. Express Yourself

Online Notes provide a blank canvas which means that you have the freedom to easily jot down key information the way it suits you and your learning style. Your note can be easily adapted to become whatever type of note you want or need it to be.

If you want to quickly type-up notes in lectures or add to your notes regularly, they will mould to fit how you work. Also, access your notes wherever you are through your mobile device to suit your needs.

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GCSE Notes

How to Use Online Notes for GCSE

Building your own set of online study notes is an effective and dynamic way to learn your course material. Notes is one of the most versatile study tools which you can play around with to display how you want them.

Your GCSE notes are open to being interpreted the way they work best for you and your revision. We’ve listed ideas below to help you understand how you can integrate online notes into your study routine.

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Revising with Online GCSE Notes

Presentations: Bring your presentation to life and stand out from the crowd by mixing it up. The GoConqr Notes offer something different with the Play Mode features which plays your notes like a video. See example resources at the bottom of this page to test it out.

Summarise Notes: There are two diverging uses of online notes – summarising study material and building in-depth content. Breakdown a topic with a quick summary of key ideas, concepts and themes.

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Ideas for Online Study Notes

Comprehensive Notes: In contrast to summarising, you can add to your GCSE notes as your study progresses. At the end, you will have an in-depth note with information and other media such as helpful videos and images.

Dynamic Content: Include visuals in your online notes to make things interesting. This gives you the opportunity to give you that added edge as it may be easier to memorise a visual or something you watched rather than written notes.

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Reasons to Use Online GCSE Notes

Track Ideas: Easily add any ideas and thoughts you have to an online note. You can revisit this at any time to flesh out those original thoughts. For example, this would be an effective techniques for a creative writing assignment.

Learning Process: A beneficial element of using this method of note-taking is that it fits into any stage of the learning process. Whether you’ve just started exploring a topic or you’re at the point where you need to recall information, it will work for you.

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Improve your GCSE Revision

21st Century Notes: Use technology to your advantage and ditch the pen and paper. There is a better way to communicate, share information and now you can use 21st century note-taking techniques to learn better.

These are some ways you probably didn’t think you could use online notes to boost your GCSE revision. These versatile study aids can be used for all your GCSE subjects so don’t be afraid to try them out for yourself.

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