3 Essential Tech Tips for New Teachers

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Your first year as a teacher might sound a bit daunting but, why not taking it as an exciting opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air into your new school?

You might not be as experienced as your more senior peers but your distinctive advantage is that you are probably more knowledgeable in new technologies for the classroom than anyone else.

In this page, you will find some great tips to incorporate online learning tools into your classes.

Creating an Online Learning Community

One of the best things that you can do to avoid that feeling that you are the “new” one in the classroom, is to develop a sense of community with your pupils. So, why not creating an online learning community from the first day and encouraging a collaborative learning environment?

You can easily set up a learning group with GoConqr and invite all your pupils to join in minutes. In the group, everyone will be able to contribute their knowledge and you will be able to start knowing your pupils a bit better.

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The Power of Online Learning Resources

Students nowadays demand new ways of learning and you can make a huge impact by embracing technology and using online learning resources from day one.

Create your own teaching resources online or encourage your students to generate their own and share them with their classmates to help them learn in a more active way.

And don’t forget to use a variety of tools (such as Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes, Slides, Flowcharts and Quizzes) in your teaching routine  to appeal to different learning styles.

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Reviewing your Performance

It is normal not to get everything right from the first day. However, in order to improve the effectiveness of your lessons, it is important to measure your performance.

Depending on how much of what you have taught has been absorbed by your pupils, you might need to make slight adjustments and try different approaches. This is where online quizzes can help you.

During your first year as a teacher, try to make a habit of asking your pupils to go through a quick online quiz after finishing each chapter. This way, you will instantly know whether they have “got” it, or whether some reinforcement is needed.

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