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The Value of Good Teaching Resources

How to create teaching resources that are both engaging and effective? It takes time to generate learning resources and it is not an easy task, but definitely one worth investing time on.

The good news is that today’s online teaching tools make it a lot easier to produce these. However, when creating them, it is important that you follow a few tips, to take full advantage of the wide array of possibilities that these technologies bring you.

That is why in this page, we would like to give you a few tips on creating your own teaching resources online.

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Characteristics of Effective Digital Teaching Resources

If you want to generate teaching content that works for your pupils, it has to follow certain criteria, and that also applies to any digital learning resources. A few attributes of an effective digital resource are:

  • Engaging: it has to connect with your students
  • Diverse: appeals to different learning styles
  • Dynamic: students can interact with the resource
  • Thought-provoking: leaves space to develop individual thinking
  • Updated: it is important that the content is always current and can be easily refreshed
  • Shareable: circulating it should be easy and fast

See and interact with a few examples on the left-hand side.

How Online Teaching Resources Help You

Chances are that, if you have never used online teaching resources with your pupils, you might be wondering why you should use them. We have compiled a list of 5 top reasons how online resources can help you and your students:

  1. Students engage better with their curriculum
  2. They help you deliver knowledge in different formats
  3. They add a different edge to your classes
  4. Your pupils learn in an active way by interacting with the resources
  5. They are easily shareable and customizable

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Ready-to-Use Teaching Resources

Finding the time to create great teaching resources is a huge challenge for any teacher, regardless of whether you are a primary, secondary school teacher, or third level lecturer.

However, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to discover effective learning reasources that will help your pupils learn in an engaging way.

ExamTime‘s free resource library offers you over 1 million resources like online Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes and Quizzes for:

  • Teaching English
  • Teaching History
  • Teaching Mathematics
  • Teaching Science
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