Teaching Mathematics

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Did you know that many students dislike mathematics simply because the teaching methods used with them do not adapt well to their learning styles?

Complementing your lessons with different types of study resources can increase the level of engagement from your students, as well as their level of knowledge.

Let’s explore 3 teaching resources that will help you in the classroom from day 1.

Teaching Mathematics - Free online resources

Learning Mathematical Symbols and Formulas

Although mathematics involves logical thinking and problem solving, the truth is that any branch of mathematics will include some degree of memorisation and time. Therefore, the challenge for students is not in resolving mathematical problems, but rather in rememebering various equations and symbols.

Flashcards are one of the most effective methods for memorising key information, including mathematical formulas. Why not providing your students with a set of flashcards with the main formulas that they will have to learn during the course? With our mobile apps, they can easily memorise anywhere.

GoConqr’s online teaching tools include a LaTex feature to insert any mathematical symbols into your resources! Check out this set of Flashcards with formulae to learn.

Math Exercises using Online Notes

Asking your pupils to do math exercises is possibly one of the oldest methods to learn mathematics. However, there is a way to take this effective learning technique to the 21st century.

Online notes provide a wonderful way to practice solving mathematical problems. By using them, you can:

  • Challenge your students by easily sharing different exercises online
  • Receive their work online and provide feedback
  • Insert videos that show how to solve the problems

And why not, you will also be saving the environment! Say goodbye to paper!

You can also use Mind Maps to lay out their curriculum: like this overview of the new GCSE Maths course.


Collaborative Learning

Studying alone can be tough; especially with subjects like mathematics. If you get stuck in a problem and do not have anyone around that can help you, you might never be able to solve a problem.

That is why setting up an online study group can be highly beneficial for your pupils. Through them, they have the opportunity to ask their classmates for help when they are studying at home. Even if none of them knows how to solve a problem, they can collaborate to come up with a solution or even ask you for feedback on their progress.

So, why not setting up a few online study groups and challenging your pupils with a few complex problems? Or you and your students can join our public maths group here!

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