Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban missile crisis
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15th- US planes bomb part of the Cuban Airforce 16th-Planned 2nd wave of bombs cancelled. The remenants of the Cuban Airforce were able to regroup and fight the next day.
USSR placed missiles in Cuba after Castro announced the conversion to Communism built missile silo It was a crisis which JFK didnt know what to do - a deal was made USSR agrred to remove missiles from Cuba if US removed missiles from Turkey
17th- La Brigada 2506 landed at Bay of Pigs and encounteres a force of about 20,000 men. La Brigada only 1500 men 19th- fighting ended.About 100 of La Brigada were killed and 1,100 imprisoned Dec 1962- La Brigada imprisoned were released after $53million worth of food and meds given to Cuba