Ethics,Privacy,Legal,Regulatory Issues in Informatics

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Confidentiality A condition in which information is shared in a controlled maner
Confidentiality as Defined by HIPPA Security Rule e-PHI is not available or disclosed to unauthorized people
Security # of measures that organizations implement to protect information and systems 1) includes efforts to maintain confidentiality of information 2) Also ensure integrity and availability of that information and the information systems used to access it
Privacy Individual's desire to limit the disclosure of personal information
Universal Decleration of human rights Protection of privacy is in Article 12
Privacy in the Hippocratic Oath Statement that physicians will keep all information secret and private
Privacy in European Convention on Human Rights ROME , 1950 and 5 protocols Article 8 says everyone has right to respect for his private and family life , his home and correspondence
US Ethical Codes Code of Fair Information Practice Belmont Report and common Rule Conflict of Interest
Code of Fair information Practice 1)no secret record keeping systems 2)Must be able to find out what is in a record and how it is used 3)Must be able to limit use of information 4) Must be able to correct or amend identifiable information 5)must ensure reliability of use of information and prevent misuse of the data
Belmont Report On Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects Research - 1979 1) respect for Persons 2) Beneficence 3)Justice
How was the Federal Policy for Protection of Human Subjects implemented Published the "common rule" in 1991 codifing regulations by 15 federal departments and agencies
What Federal policy outlines the basic provisions for IRB's, Informed consent, and Assurances of Compliance The Commone Rule (1991)
Which Amendment to the bill of Rights protects people from Unreasonable search and seizure Fourth Ammendment
How do hospitals implement Privacy Protection within EMRs? Policy and Audits are used to protect access to records by staff who have no professional access
List Technical Practices and Procedures for Security Individual Authentication, Access Controls, Audit Trails, Physical security and database recovery, remote access point protection, external communication protection, software discipline, and system wide assessments
List Organizational practices for Security Security and Confidentiality Practice, Security and confidentiality committees, Chief info sec officers, education/training, sanctions, auth, patient access to audit logs
List Organizational practices for Security Security and Confidentiality Practice, Security and confidentiality committees, Chief info sec officers, education/training, sanctions, auth, patient access to audit logs
Who can use a Macro in an EMR? Teaching Physicians can use macros as long as they are used with in a secure and authenticated system
What are The JACHO standards for patient specific informations ? 1) Complete and Accurate Medical Records 2) records have patient specific information 3) Throughly documents procedures and use of anesthesia 4) Ambulatory pts have diagnosis, procedures, allergies and meds in a summary lists 5) Designated qualified personell accept and transcribe verbal orders 6) Hospital provides access to all relevant information for a patient for those who needed it for patient care, treatment, and services
What are Patient Bills based upon? Based on codes which are based on Documentation , in this service
What is the Model for Privacy and Security include Threat Assessment, Asset List, Policy, Education, and Technical Measures
List the IM regulation from Jacho (joint commission) Hospital plans and designs information management processes to meet internal and external information needs
What is role of Medical Records Committee Meet EMR Standards. , oversight for activities including IM , regulations, policies, systems, and advisory
What is the critical sequence for Billing? Patient Bill is based on Codes and codes are based on medical record documentation
What are key operations for HIM personnel Release of Information, Master Patient Index
What credentials and certifications do HIM staff need/have? Coding certifications, privacy certification and credentials including Registered Health Information Administrator Registered Health Information Technician
What does JCAHO stand for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization
What does Hipaa stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What does HIPAA address? Information Security and Protected Health Information
What is ARRA and HITECH American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health , Breach Notification and Accounting of Disclosures
What is Sarbane Oxley Act Audit functions for financial Data
What is the Common Rule about ? 45 CFR Part 46 Protection of human subjects , requires the IRB and GCP
What does 21 CFR part 11 cover? Data Security (FDA), electronic signatures, etc
What is the FERPA Act? Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act-regarding medical, nursing, dental , students data
What does SSSNPA State Social Security Number Protection ACt
What does SISBNA? State Information Security , Breach and Notification Act
What is PCIDSS? Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
what is DMCA? Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998