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What is the aim of the Baron-Cohen study? The aim was to see if adults with Autism or AS were able to tackle a simple theory of mind test
What are the participants in the Baron-cohen autism test? There were 3 groups. Group1: 16 subjects with high functioning autism 13 males and 3 females Age range= 18-49. Mean age=28.6 years. Group2: 50 normal age matched adults 25 female and 25 male Age range=18-48. Mean age= 30 years. Group3: 10 adults with Tourette's syndrome. Age-matched with groups 1 & 2 (age range=18-47 years, mean age=27.77 years)
Procedure All pps are tested on 4 tasks. > The eye task > The strange stories task >2 control task -The gender recognition task -The basic emotion recognition task
Why were the control task used? Control tasks were used to check if poor performance on the eyes task in group one was due to other factors, so two control tasks took place.
Why wasn't the Sally-Anne test used to test adults in the theory of mind test? The Sally Anne test could not be used on adults as it was to simplistic. Therefore, Baron-Cohen developed a new theory of mind test called 'Advanced Theory of Mind'.
Was the eye task valid? Researchers claimed the eye task was valid as they did a test originally with 8 judges.
What age was the Sally-Anne test used for? Baron-Cohen used the Sally Anne Test on children upto 6 years of age to see if they lacked theory of mind.
What was the method used by Baron-Cohen The Method was the Quasi Experiment -This is where the independent variable is not manipulated and forms naturally. E.g Autism, Tourettes syndrome and Normal.
What is the theory of mind? Theory of mind or (TOM) is when you can understand how your mind and others work, guessing and predicting the minds of others.
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