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Question Answer
Aim of the study To investigate the effects on children of passive exposure to an aggressive model
Type of experiment? Laboratory experiment
How many children were used in the study? 72
What was the age range of the participants? 37 to 69 months
What was the mean age of the participants? 52 months
What was the design of the experiment? Matched pairs
What were the 3 independent variables? The condition The sex of the role model The sex of the child
How were the children assessed for aggressiveness? The children's teachers gave them a score for aggression on four, 5-point rating scales, one researcher did the same
What were the 4 rating scales on that the teachers used to rate aggressiveness? Physical aggression Verbal aggression Aggression towards inanimate objects Aggressive inhibition
What were the three measures of imitation? Imitation of physical aggression Imitative verbal aggression Imitative non-aggressive verbal responses
What were the 2 behaviours that were not complete imitations of the adult model? Mallet aggression Sits on Bobo
What were 3 aggressive behaviours that were not imitations of the model? Punches Bobo Non-imitative physical and verbal aggression Aggressive gun play