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What was McCarthyism? Campaign against alleged communists in America in the 1950s.
Communist victory in China China turns communist Worries USA as they thought China could've been allies
The Berlin Blockade Stops people from getting in and out of West Berlin America does airlifts into West Berlin Shows America will not bow to communism - make a stand
Russia's atomic bomb USSR develop atomic bomb USA see it as Soviet/communist expansion Built in response to USA's nuclear bomb
Invasion by North Korea of South Korea North (Russia) invades South(USA) Britain and USA send in troops to stop South turning communist Shows USA will not give in easily to communism
1947 Federal Employee Loyalty Program McCarthy claimed people in the civil service secretly supported USSR Started a loyalty review of the civil service Investigated people who worked for the government
Fear of Soviet Spies: Alger Hiss, Rosenbergs Alger Hiss - trial - suspected of un- patriotic activities, convicted of lying under oath Rosenbergs - guilty of passing info about atom bomb to USSR - executed
Suspicion of liberal Ideas Fear of difference Free speech, black, gay, women's rights Liberal people generally more in favour of communism
McCarthy's speech (Feb 1950) Stated government was infested with communists Moves from minor senator to public official
Work of the House, the un-American Activities committee Investigates people - government run Designed to investigate and legislate against what were deemed 'foreign threats'
Work of FBI and Hoover Hoover (head of FBI) and McCarthy good friends Give McCarthy information
Use of Blacklists People who were suspected of being communist were put on blacklists Hard to find jobs etc
1954 Communist control Act Ban communist parties from USA Government investigates groups Find members and arrest people Continues after McCarthy
Opposition to McCarthy - actors, intellectuals Actors and intellectuals more left wing/liberal (typically) More likely to be accused
Court decisions against McCarthy McCarthy not always successful No evidence Many people turn against him
Excesses of McCarthy He goes too far Accuses people high up in power Creates opposition - Truman, Eisenhower Turns public opinion Eisenhower orders Nixon to attack him (verbally)
Army McCarthy Hearings McCarthy accuses someone high up in the army Army counter accuse him Televised trial - comes across badly - bully Public turn against him
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