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Cutting a nail tip with nail clippers will____ weaken the tip and will cause it to crack.
A______ is an implement, similar to clipper, designed for use on nail tips. Tip cutter
An____ is a layer of any kind of enhancement product that is applied over the natural nail and tip application for added strength. if the ____ is too thin, it will not last long and can break easily. Overlay
Regardless of whether a client is interested in wearing long, medium, or short nails, they may decide to have nail tips applied over the natural nails for______. Strength & Durability
_____ is a substance used to remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate. Nail Dehydrator
Many nail tips have a shallow depression called a ______ that serves at the point of contact with the nail plate. Well
The_____ is the point of where the free edge of the natural nail meets the tip, and is where the tip is adhered to the nail. Position stop
Using a thin amount of enhancement product can cause______. breakage
Nail tips are available in _____ sizes, colors, and shapes, making it easy to fit each client. Many
Nail tips should fit____ to_____. Sidewall to sidewall.
Nail tip adhesive is the_________ used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail. Bonding Agent
Cosmetologists and their clients should always wear________ when using and handling nail tip adhesives. Eye Protection
You should wait ______ for the nail tip adhesive to dry. 5-10 seconds
Make sure to keep your buffer (or board)_____ the nails as you blend the tip. Flat across
Any method of securing a layer of fabric or paper on and around the nail tip is called a_________. Nail Wrap
______ is used to coat and secure fabric wraps to the natural nail and nail tip. Nail Wrap Resin
Wrap resins are made from______, a specialized monomer that has excellent adhesion and polymerizes in seconds. Cyanoacrylate (sy-an-oh-AH-cry-late)
To prevent the transfer of oil and debris from your fingers when applying nail wraps, you should use_____. a sheet of thick plastic
Fabric wraps are made of silk, fiberglass, and______. Linen
________ is the heart of a nail wrap system and gives this system its unique properties. The wrap material
______ wraps are made from a thin natural material and have a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied. Silk
______ wraps are made from a very thin synthetic mesh with a loose weave. Fiberglass
______ wraps are made from a closely woven, heavy material. Linen
Activators come in several different forms: brush-on bottle, pump spray-on, and __________. Aerosol
A_____ is a strip of fabric used to strengthen a weak point in the nail. Stress Strip
A______ is a piece of fabric used to repair and cover a crack or break in the nail. Repair patch
You will know that the acetone has generated the removal when the enhancement has_____. Slid off
To remove dust and debris from the nail plate, use a_______. Nail brush
Cutting the nail wraps______ than the natural nail plate prevent lifting. slightly smaller
The last step of the 4-week warp maintenance is to_____. Apply cuticle oil
Monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements are______ services. Lucrative
______ nail enhancements are also known sculptured nails. Monomer liquid and polymer powder
Mono means one. Mer stands for units. Monomer stands for one unit called a_______. Molecule
Monomer liquid and polymer powder enhancement systems are apart of a branch of the acrylic family called__________. Methacrylate
A______ is a substance formed by combining many small molecules into very long, chain like structures. Polymer
When the monomer soaked bristles of the brush touch the surface of the dry polymer powder_____ is formed. A small bead of product
______ is not recommended for use on nails and is not legal according to the state board rules in some states. MMA (Methyl methacrylate)
_______, also known as curing or hardening, is a chemical reaction that creates polymers. Polymerization
Polymer powders are usually blended with _______ and colorants to create a wide range of shades of colors. Pigments
______ are special additives that are designed to speed up chemical reactions. Catalysts
________ is the initiator that is added to the polymer powder. Benzoyl peroxide (BPO)
If too much product is picked up in the bead, the enhancement will cure incorrectly and may lead to ______. Brittleness and/or discoloration
Nail dehydrators remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate, both of which can_________. Block adhesion
Since acid-based nail primer is corrosive to the skin and potentially dangerous to eyes,____________ primers were developed. Nonacid and acid-free
________ are an alternative when a hand washing station is not available, but they do not clean the hands and should not replace proper hand washing Hand sanitizers
A _____ abrasive should be used when doing a refill or a rebalance. Coarse-grit
_______ abrasives are used to refine the surface and shape of the nail enhancement. Medium-grit
A ______ abrasive is used for finish filing, refining, and buffing. Fine-grit
A ______ is a buffer used to create a high shine on a natural nail or nail enhancement when no polish will be worn. Shiner
______ are placed under the free edge of the natural nail and used as a guide to extend the nail enhancements beyond the fingertips for additional length. Nail Forms
______ are pre-formed nail extensions made from acrylonitrile butadine styrene (ABS) or tenite acetate plastic and are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors, including natural, white, and clear. Nail Tips
The monomer liquid and polymer powder are each poured into a special container called a ________. Dappen Dish
Avoid using ________ brushes since they can hold excessive amounts of liquid and alter the mix ratio of the powder and liquid. Overly Large
Dust masks provide no protection from_________. Vapors
Store all polymers and liquids separate from each other in a_______. Cool, dark area
Proper maintenance must be performed every _______, depending on how fast the client's nails grow. 2-3 weeks
The ______, also known as arch, is the area of the nail with the most strength. Apex
The _____ is the curved line where the pink and white meet each other on a French manicured nail. Smile line
The C-curve of the nail enhancement depends on the C-curve of the natural nail. In a salon, a ______ C-curve is the average. 35%
Oderless products harden more slowly and create a tacky layer called _______. the inhibition layer
Nail enhancement designs that are created when nail art is sandwiched between two layers of product are know as______. Inlaid designs
Use the ______ or the "belly" of the brush to press and smooth the product to shape the enhancement's free edge. Middle portion
The cured nail enhancement should make a ______ sound when lightly tapped with a brush handle. Clicking
Soak the clients enhancements in acetone for _______ or as long as needed to remove the product. 20-30 minutes
Use a_______ to gently push off the softened enhancement. wooden or metal pusher
Do not pry enhancements off with nippers, as this will cause_______. damage to the natural nail plate
Light cured gels are apart of the monomer liquid and polymer powder family. Their ingredients are part of a subcategory known as_______. acrylates
Wrap resins are called______. Cyanoacrylates.
An _______ is a short chain of monomer liquids that is often thick, sticky, and gel-like and is not long enough to be considered a polymer. Oligomer
The composition of oligomers are_______. between solid and liquid
The chemical family known as urethanes is known for high abrasion resistance and______. durability
A chemical called ________ initiates the polymerization reaction. Photoinitator
It takes the combination of the resin, photoinititator, and _______ to cause the gel to cure completely. the proper curing bulb
The difference between light cured gels is the type of photoinitiator used in the formula and the_______ that photoinitiator responds to. measure of light
_______ is the measurement of the thickness or thinness of a liquid and remember that _____ affects how the fluid flows. Viscosity
The _______ is used for clients who wish to wear colored UV or LED gel polish over the enhancement. one color method
The_______ allows for a French or American manicure finish in which lacquer is not needed. Two color method
_____ are used to increase adhesion to the natural nail plate, similar to a monomer liquid and polymer powder primer. Bonding gels
________ include any thick-viscosity resin that allows the cosmetologist to build an arch and curve into the fingernail. Building gels
________ are used to enhance the thickness of the overlay while providing a smoother surface. Self-leveling gels
______ is a very thin-viscosity gel that is usually pigmented and packed in a pot or polish bottle: it is used as an alternative to traditional lacquers. Gel polish
An _________ is a tacky surface left on the nail after a UV or LED gel has cured. Inhibition layer
________ is the amount of colored pigment concentration in a gel, making it more or less difficult to see through. Opacity
Application brushes should be ______, flat (or oval) bristles to hold and spread the light cured gels. Small
Clear plastic _________ are sometimes used to allow UV or LED radiation to penetrate from the underside for more complete curing of the free edge. Nail Forms
A _______ buffer should be used for natural nail preparation. 180-240 grit
________ after surface filing is not necessary. Buffing
Light cured gels are stored in opaque packaging in order to_______. Protect them from UV exposure
4-, 6-, 7- 8-, and _____ watt UV bulbs are used to cure light cured gels. 9-
_______ is the measure of how much electricity the bulb consumes and emits. Unit Wattage
Typically, UV bulbs must be changed______ times a year, depending on frequency of use. two or three
Light cured gel polish is a relatively new system that evolved in the year ________ with the emergence of new chemistries that became available to the beauty industry. 2000
Hard UV and LED gels must be ________ the natural nail plate to be removed. filed off
Soft UV and LED gels are also known as ____________. Soakable gels
Remove the dust and filings with a clean and disinfected_______ brush. nylon
Apply gel polish to the free edge of the fingernail and the underside of the free edge to cap it, crate an even and consistent look, and to______. Prevent lifting
When using _______ , nail forms are used to help create and sculpt the nail. building gels
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