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Activators: Also known as boosters, protinators, or accelerators; powdered persulfate salts added to haircolor to increase its lightening ability.
Baliage: Also known as free-form technique; painting a lightener (usually a powdered off-the-scalp lightener) directly onto clean, styled hair.
Intensity: The strength of a color.
Law of color: System for understanding color relationships.
Demipermanent haircolor: Also known as no-lift deposit-only color; formulated to deposit but not lift (lighten) natural haircolor.
Contributing pigment: Also known as undertone; the varying degrees of warmth exposed during a permanent color or lightening process.
Tertiary color: Intermediate color achieved by mixing a secondary color and its neighboring primary color on the color wheel in equal amounts.
Toners: Semipermanent , demipermanent, and permanent haircolor products that are used primarily on pre-lightened hair to achieve pale and delicate colors.
Complementary colors: A primary and secondary color positioned directly opposite each other on the color wheel.
Hydrogen Peroxide Developer: Oxydizing agent that, when mixed with an oxidation haircolor, supplies the necessary oxygen gas to develop the color molecules and create a change in natural hair color.
Single-process haircoloring: Process that lightens and deposits color in the hair in a single application.
Off- the -scalp lighteners: Also known as quick lighteners ; powdered lighteners that cannot be used directly on the scalp.
On-the-scalp lighteners: Lighteners that can be used directly on the scalp by mixing the lightener with activators.
Line of demarcation: Visible line separating colored hair from new growth.
Metallic haircolors: Also known as progressive haircolors; haircolors containing metal salts that change hair color gradually by progressive buildup and exposure to air creating a dull, metallic appearance.
Secondary color: Color obtained by mixing equal parts of two primary colors.
Mixed melanin: Combination of natural hair color that contains both pheomelanin and eumelanin.
Cortex: Is the middle layer and gives the hair the majority of its strength and elasticity. It contains the natural pigment called melanin that determines hair color.
Cuticle: Is the outermost layer of the hair.
Medulla: Is the innermost layer of the hair.
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