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Pheomelanin Is the melanin that gives blond and red colors to the hair.
Level system Is a system that colorists use to determine the lightness or darkness of a hair color.
Primary colors Are pure or fundamental colors(red, yellow, and blue) that cannot be created by combining other colors.
Eumelanin Is the melanin that lends black and brown colors to hair.
Fillers Used to equalize porosity.
Highlighting Coloring some of the hair strands lighter than the natural color to add a variety of lighter shades and the illusion of depth.
Glaze A non-ammonia color that adds shine and tone to the hair.
Volume Measures the concentration and strength of hydrogen peroxide.
Developers Also known as oxidizing agents or catalysts; when mixed with an oxidation haircolor, supplies the necessary oxygen gas to develop color molecules and create a change in hair color.
Weaving Coloring technique in which selected strands are picked up from a narrow section of hair with a zigzag motion of the comb, and lightener or color is applied only to those strands.
Base color Is the Predominant tone of a color.
Highlighting shampoo Colors prepared by combining permanent haircolor, hydrogen peroxide, and shampoo.
Soap cap Combination of equal parts of a prepared permanent color mixture and shampoo used the last five minutes and worked through the hair to refresh the ends.
Pre-softening Process of treating gray or very resistant hair to allow for better penetration of color.
Patch test Also known as a predisposition test; test required by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for identifying a possible allergy in a client.
High porosity The cuticle is lifted. The hair is overly porous and takes color quickly; color also tends to fade quickly.
LOw porosity The cuticle is tight. The hair is resistant, which means it is difficult for moisture or chemicals to penetrare.
Conditioner fillers Used to recondition damaged, overly porous hair and equalize porosity so that the hair accepts the color evenly from strand and scalp to ends.
Slicing Coloring technique that involves taking a narrow, 1/8-inch (0.3 centimeter) section of hair by making a straight part at the scalp, positioning the hair over the foil, and applying lightener or color.
Aniline derivatives Contain small, uncolored dyes that combine with hydrogen peroxide to form larger, permanent dye molecules within the cortex..
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